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You are invited to become a card-carrying member of IPS! With more than a hundred tutorial videos, certified experts and professionals, and other Christian photographers – the IPS Community is the place to be.

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Have you ever wanted to learn it all? Now you can!! By becoming a Member of IPS you gain access to more than 100 tutorial videos on dozens of photography’s biggest topics. This includes ALL the content from our six classes as well as SHARPEN videos. Oh, and it gets even better, as a Member you ALWAYS have access to all our content, meaning new courses are yours too!

Join the Conversation

As a part of the IPS Community, your voice needs to be heard. Leave your comment on videos sharing personal experience, asking a question, or helping someone else along the way. You can even post photos you have a question about or to share a better example of a key idea.

Personal Support

Members also have access to direct email support from the IPS Guru Team. We’re not talking about I-found-a-typo-on-your-website type support; we’re talking about, I-CAN’T-FIGURE-OUT-HOW-TO-GET-THIS-SHOT-RIGHT support! That’s right, you now have a friend in the photo business who can answer those tricky questions and get you happily shooting again.


Featured Courses

Learn Digital Photography Online

Basic Digital Photography

16 Lessons in

Cameras don't make great photos, photographers do, and this class is designed to make you a better photographer no matter what digital camera you have. Whether you use an iPhone, a Digital SLR, or something in between, Basic Digital Photography is the perfect class to get you started in photography.

Digital Photography 1

Digital Photography 1

29 Lessons in

Digital Photography 1 is a set of 28 tutorial videos that will teach you how to use your camera, photograph in manual mode, understand lighting, and create beautiful portraits.

Digital Photography 2

Digital Photography 2

29 Lessons in

When you're ready to take your photography to the next level, Digital Photography 2 is for you. In this course you will learn to take control of your lighting, use a flash on and off-camera, edit RAW files like a pro, and how to create dynamic portraits.

Digital Photojournalism

Digital Photojournalism

33 Lessons in

Photojournalism is a unique discipline within the broader scope of photography that requires strict ethical standards, mastery of photographic technique, and compelling storytelling. This course is designed to challenge intermediate photographers in all three of these areas.


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