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Digital Videography 1


Unit 7 // Don't Lose Your Stuff

Length: 24 minutesComplexity: Standard

Image Storage and Backups

If you are like most people, you have lost photos because they weren’t backed up. Don’t let that EVER happen again! The storage and backup techniques taught in this lesson will save you many tears and much cash.

Unit 1 // Lightroom: Importing and Exporting

Length: 23 minutesComplexity: Hard

Lightroom: Importing and Exporting

Learn to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to download images and video from your memory card to your camera. Lightroom’s powerful import allows you to rename your files, store them wherever you like, and add key information like your copyright on the fly. Learn how to set up presets so you never have to enter information again!

Unit 1 // Lightroom: Library Module

Length: 24 minutesComplexity: Standard

Lightroom: Library Module

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom forms the backbone of our Image/Video Management and Workflow. Learn to navigate the Library Module by using stars, flags, colors and collections to organize and sort your media. Using Lightroom’s organizational tools will make finding that “One Clip” a breeze!

Unit 1 // Centering the Needle

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Standard

Centering the Needle

If you have ever been dissatisfied with how bright or dark your images or video clips are, this session is for you. You will learn to take complete control over the exposure, using the camera’s built in meter as a guide to help you “Center the Needle.”

Unit 1 // Fill the Frame

Length: 21 minutesComplexity: Easy

Fill the Frame

Filling the frame is the foundation to successful composition. You will be challenged with the idea that your images have purpose, and must be carefully crafted to fulfill that purpose to the best of your ability.

Unit 2 // Color of Light

Length: 20 minutesComplexity: Standard

Color of Light

Mastering light is the key to photographic success. Light comes in all different colors. In this session, you’ll learn about the Kelvin Temperature Scale, White Balance, and how to adjust your camera to photograph in any color lighting.

Unit 2 // Direction of Light

Length: 21 minutesComplexity: Easy

Direction of Light

In this session you will learn the primary directions of light and how they dramatically impact the appearance of your image. By changing the direction of light you can change the entire message of your picture.

Unit 2 // Quality of Light

Length: 19 minutesComplexity: Standard

Quality of Light

Quality of Light completes your lighting trifecta in Digital Photography 1. You will learn the difference between Directional Light and Diffused Light and about the beauty of Directional-diffused Light. You will also begin your quest to study Quality of Light to make your subjects look amazing.

Unit 2 // Rule of Thirds

Length: 18 minutesComplexity: Easy

Rule of Thirds

Perhaps the most famous composition technique in photography is the Rule of Thirds. Learn the truth behind the Rule of Thirds and how to use it for stronger images that emphasize the story you’re trying to tell.

Unit 3 // Mastering Your Aperture

Length: 27 minutesComplexity: Hard


The aperture is an essential tool for gaining a proper exposure in your image, but it also controls the depth of field. This session will teach you how to take creative control over the aperture to create a shallow depth of field or a large depth of field.

Unit 3 // Reading Your Histogram

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Standard


The Histogram is a powerful tool to help you get proper exposure in any situation. It’s also an intimidating graph representing an awful lot of math. This session will teach you the essentials for reading it without turning into a geek.

Unit 3 // Understanding ISO

Length: 14 minutesComplexity: Standard


ISO is the final piece of the 4 elements that make up exposure. You have already covered Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Light. In this video you will learn when to adjust your ISO and what settings make sense in different lighting conditions.

Unit 4 // Save Time With Smart Collections

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

Lightroom: Smart Collections

Chances are you didn’t become a photographer because you love to organize images. That’s OK. This session will blow your mind as you learn how Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can automatically sort and organize your images for you!


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