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Pictures of the Week | May 5, 2014

Giraffe by Patricia Burk

Giraffe – Photo by IPS Student Patricia Burk for Digital Photography 1. This is an amazing photo! I love so many thing about it: the sharp focus, the great compression from zooming in, the other giraffe in the background, and the contrast between the giraffe’s face and the dark background.
#giraffe #dp1 #zoo #animals #zoom #nature #closeup #safari #filltheframe #amazing #beautiful #nikon #d5200

Bracelet Clasp by Jeri Beth Hardy

Bracelet Clasp Macro – photo by IPS student Jeri Beth Hardy [@southernbess] for Digital Photography 1. This shot is full of amazing detail. The way @southernbess turned the clasp so that it was flat to the camera gave her wonderful sharpness even though the depth of field is tiny in a macro image. Nice job of lens flipping!
#macro #lensflip #lensflipping #closeup #bracelet #gold #detail #intricate #nikon #d90

Baking Cookies by Meghan Murphy

Baking Cookies – Photo Essay by Meghan Murphy [@megbmurphy] for Digital Photojournalism. This 5 shot essay has beautiful lighting, consistent colors and theme, and shows the process of baking cookies from start to finish. Great job!
#photoessay #essay #baking #cookies #housework #photojournalism #storytelling #canon #5dmk2 #5dmkii

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Pictures of the Week | April 28, 2014

Couple Portrait

Couple Portrait – photo by IPS Student Susan Stoltzfus for Digital Photography 2. I love the way her bright red sweater is set off from the muted tones of the background. Their posing is great too!

Couple Portrait

Couple Portrait – photo by IPS Student Susan Stoltzfus for Digital Photography 2. Killer pose, perfect execution! I’m going to steal this one for my next couple shoot!


Head and Shoulders with Flash – photo by IPS Student Brooke Harrison for Digital Photography 2. This assignment requires on-camera, TTL flash to balance the light between the face and the background. Great job!

Juice Bar

Juice Bar – photo by IPS Student Meghan Murphy for Digital Photojournalism. I love the light tones in this as he reaches toward the light with the epic sign in the shadows behind.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower – photo by IPS student Patricia Burk for Digital Photography 1. Nice example of the Rule of Thirds and how even a simple flower shot benefits from this composition.

Rise up – photo by IPS Student Jeri Beth Hardy for Digital Photography 1.

Rise up – photo by IPS Student Jeri Beth Hardy for Digital Photography 1. I love how everything in this photo reaches up toward the sky. There’s a nice anchor of ground right on the bottom edge of the frame and then long, black branches drawing us upward.

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    Feature Friday // James Nord

    James Nord

    While searching for awesome content to deliver on Fridays I came across this blog.

    I really like how this guy says that guys should wear ties often. He wears one almost every day. I think that’s kinda cool. But then, I am a girl … but maybe that gives me even more of a place to say that it’s nice to see guys dress up. Dressing up is cool. He also is a photographer.

    Anyway. Most of you have seen this video. The first time I saw it I thought, “wow, I think I want to start using my phone less!” But also there was something that maybe didn’t sit so well with me. James gives a pretty good rebuttal. 

    Thoughts? Reactions?

    Let me know what you think.

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    Feature Friday // Jill Thomas Photography

    Jill Thomas is a wedding photographer in Utah. Why is she being featured here today? Because she is a photographer who will, hopefully, inspire you!


    What’s cool about her website:

    I like her idea about using pictures to talk about who she is. That’s pretty rad.

    She isn’t JUST a wedding photographer. She does other stuff too. Like food and life and picnics!

    And lastly, she uses a polaroid camera {Derks does too!} and film cameras. That’s pretty sweet.

    Go ahead. Check out her stuff. It’s really good.

    {what do you think about using polaroids and/or film cameras? Fun or Scary? Write your thoughts below!}

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    Photographers Remember September 11th

    Ground Zero

    September 11th is the December 7th of my generation. The day fiction became reality. The day that we all remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news.

    Ground Zero





    I was in Denver, CO and was supposed to fly home that day. I remember my first thought as I woke up that morning was “Man, I don’t want to go home today.” And I didn’t. Shortly after waking, a friend called my hotel room, “We’re under attack!” she yelled into the phone. I turned on the TV. You know the rest…





    American Photo  has put together a really interesting piece from the perspective of the photographers who were there that day. Be sure to check it out here:
    Ground Zero

    May we never forget!

    Ground Zero

    Ground Zero

    Ground Zero




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