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How to Photograph People

Christmas is here! If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll be snapping a few photos of friends and family this week. Our Free Tutorial of the Week is all about how to make people look their best in most any candid situation… like Christmas!

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Master Extreme Lighting

This is the tutorial every photographer needs for photographing Christmas carolers, candle-lit dinners, and Christmas lights. A combination of camera techniques, light hunting, and post processing tips will enable your Christmas images to shine like never before.

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Free Video: What Camera Mode Should I Use?

Your Digital SLR camera has 4 different advanced exposure modes. At their heart of hearts they all are designed to do the same thing – capture a properly exposed image – but they all go about it different ways. This video will teach you the strengths and weaknesses of Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual modes and how to use each of them well.

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An IPS Student in Africa

Summer Missions Trip Photography

This January the Lord graciously opened the doors to a six month overseas opportunity. I was asked to photograph hospital work and everyday life over in Kenya, Africa at Tenwek Hospital. It was an incredible learning experience as I had never done this type of work before! I saw God use my camera in ways I never could of expected. I was able to meet people and share a little of my story with complete strangers just because I was carrying a camera and they were curious.

Summer Missions Trip Photography

I was so encouraged to capture surgeries for the missionary surgeons to bring back for support raising and use to tell people how the Lord is working! The Lord used this to open my eyes to the great need of these people and created a spark in my heart to serve Kenya and wherever I am with my camera. What a thought! I can use what the Lord has gifted me in to serve and make connections with people who I have a language barrier with. I am so excited to use this new vision and my camera to spread the word to the nations.

Summer Missions Trip Photography
Rebecca Wesson
IPS Photojournalism Student

Summer Missions Trip Photography

Summer Missions Trip Photography

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Pictures of the Week | May 5, 2014

Giraffe by Patricia Burk

Giraffe – Photo by IPS Student Patricia Burk for Digital Photography 1. This is an amazing photo! I love so many thing about it: the sharp focus, the great compression from zooming in, the other giraffe in the background, and the contrast between the giraffe’s face and the dark background.
#giraffe #dp1 #zoo #animals #zoom #nature #closeup #safari #filltheframe #amazing #beautiful #nikon #d5200

Bracelet Clasp by Jeri Beth Hardy

Bracelet Clasp Macro – photo by IPS student Jeri Beth Hardy [@southernbess] for Digital Photography 1. This shot is full of amazing detail. The way @southernbess turned the clasp so that it was flat to the camera gave her wonderful sharpness even though the depth of field is tiny in a macro image. Nice job of lens flipping!
#macro #lensflip #lensflipping #closeup #bracelet #gold #detail #intricate #nikon #d90

Baking Cookies by Meghan Murphy

Baking Cookies – Photo Essay by Meghan Murphy [@megbmurphy] for Digital Photojournalism. This 5 shot essay has beautiful lighting, consistent colors and theme, and shows the process of baking cookies from start to finish. Great job!
#photoessay #essay #baking #cookies #housework #photojournalism #storytelling #canon #5dmk2 #5dmkii

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