Welcome to IPS Photo! We are a small company in the relationship business – helping you become best friends with your camera [and it’s friends]. This site is dedicated to providing you with resources to aid your journey from Button Pusher to Photographer. These resources include 6 online courses, blog posts, web hosting, personal interaction and tutorial videos.

Where are we?

We are run by real people, Rowan and Jocelyn Gillson, who live in Portland, OR, but we don’t have an office or a classroom. Instead you can find us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and of course, right here. Occasionally we host workshops live and in person. You can learn more about our upcoming workshops HERE.

You can get in touch with us just about any way you want to!
email // info@ipsphoto.co
phone // 503.482.8132
twitter // @ipsphoto
pinterest // pinterest.com/ipsphoto
facebook // facebook.com/ipsphoto

Online classes

Our online courses represent college level material delivered in a way that’s understandable and accessible to everyone. Each class is made up of tutorial videos, suggested research assignments, and photography assignments. We offer four learning styles for each class, giving you the ability to engage with the curriculum at the level you want.

Learning styles

Full Edition // Just like college – in an 8 week term you watch videos, write papers, shoot assignment photos and receive grades. You’ll meet with your instructor online once a week for a 10 minute critique of your work. Upon completion of your term you’ll receive a certificate and transcript.
Audit Edition // Just like the Full Edition without papers and grades. Over 8 weeks you watch videos, shoot assignment photos, and meet with your instructor online once a week for a 10 minute critique of your work.
Mom Edition // Specially designed for moms and anyone else who wants to work at their own pace. You have 6 months to shoot your assignment photos. You’ll receive a recorded video critique of the images you submit instead of a live session.
Solo Edition // Go it alone! Watch the videos and go conquer the world. No papers, assignments, or deadlines.

A quick history

The Institute of Photographic Studies came about when Rowan Gillson wrote a photo curriculum and Mark Stanley founded an organization. In 2000 IPS Photo hosted our first live photography workshops in Dallas, TX for 60 students. Of those 60 students, only 1 had a digital camera, and the only thing it was used for was creating Photo ID’s of all the students! Back then it was the K1000, the F100, and the Rebel G that dominated the palms of our budding photographers.

Over the years things have changed a bit. Mr. Stanley has moved on with Mr. Gillson acquiring ownership. The K1000 no longer dominates our photo shoots but has made room for the Canon 6D and the Nikon D7100. Our curriculum has been entirely rewritten to focus solely on digital photography. We have made our training more accessible by offering online classes to anyone anywhere in the convenience of their own home. Oh, and we’ve turned more than 1000 button pushers into successful photographers!

Other things we love

We love Jesus, good coffee, grand adventures, beautiful landscapes, epic lighting, sharp focus, international travel, intentionality, cheese and Sherlock.


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