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Review of Canon Rebel T4i


DP Review has just posted their in-depth review of the Canon Rebel T4i. As the latest in the outstanding Rebel series, the T4i brings something brand new to the 35mm style, DSLR market: touch screen control. The entire back LCD panel is now a touch screen, giving users direct control over settings and faster access through menus. Despite being first generation, Canon has done a great job with this new feature.

Another great feature of the T4i is moving video mode from the control dial to the on/off switch.




Oh, and it records stereo audio with manual control of the levels, another big perk. Check out our recent blog post about the new hybrid auto-flash system!This enables users to switch instantly to filming video while staying in whatever shooting mode (Program, Tv, Av, Manual, etc…) they were in before.


Need the full review, check it out here:


Ready to buy now? Go over to our friends at BHphoto!

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Nikon Releases the iPhone 5!

As the recent parody video declared, the biggest use of the iPhone seems to be snapping photos and sharing them on Instagram. If that’s true, Nikon has just announced the next iPhone. The new COOLPIX S800c is all that a current generation digicam ought to be, but it runs on the Android platform with built-in wifi and GPS.

Yes… this means that you can upload your photos and videos straight to Flickr and play Farmville right on your camera!

The COOLPIX S800c is the first true merger of phone/tablet connectivity into a traditional camera body with the glorious image quality of a fantastic lens and real sized sensor. This is an awesome development in the photo world, and I’m really excited that Nikon has taken the leap!

This camera is not yet available, but should be out soon!

Pre-order from BHphoto here!

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How’d You Take That?

Have you ever seen an amazing photograph and wondered, “How’d they take that?” In this article, photographer Carsten Krieger will take you on the evolutionary journey of an image, showing you where it started, where it is today, and what he hopes to accomplish in the future. Take a look:

Do you have any images you’ve shot for years, improving them every time?



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Travel Photography Editing Tips

Elderly monk spins prayer wheel in Qinghai, China.

Photo credit (c) Rowan Gillson

Steve Davey has posted an excellent article at on the subject of editing on the road. His article is well written, and expresses some valuable keys as to the How and the Why of editing as you travel.

I disagree with Steve on the issue of deleting images… I have no idea what the future may hold or what I may want to do with my images in the future, but I do know that a deleted image is useless. Go ahead, delete the ones that are super out of focus or so overexposed that you can’t tell what is going on. Keep the ones that are good, even if there’s one in the series that is a bit better. You just never know when a different expression, composition or even sharing 6 images of the same thing in a slightly different version is going to be just what you need.


So, check out the article and let me know what you think!


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Canon’s New Hybrid AF System


In the new Canon Rebel T4i, Canon is touting a new “hybrid” auto-focus system that uses a combination of phase detection and contrast detection in an attempt to speed up focus and increase

accuracy in video and live view modes. All new technology sounds great, but does it work?

Check it out in’s test lab.

Buy the Canon Rebel T4i

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