[This video was shot and produced by IPS students at our DSLR Video Workshop.]

Our workshops are designed to equip you with practical skills which will enable you to produce images of excellence. We believe in hands-on education. Instead of only hearing how it’s done, we’ll show you how, and then, you do it.

Our approach is small classes, intense study, application of concepts, and personalized evaluation of each student’s work…all under the careful guidance of experienced photographers.


Prizewinning Photography 1

A week-long workshop in the fundamentals of photography.

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Prizewinning Photography 1 is an intensive week-long workshop in the fundamentals of photography. In this workshop, we cover about a semester’s worth of college-level material. Starting with basics such as what a camera is and how it works, we daily build to more and more advanced concepts such as lighting, exposure, and portraiture through hands-on experience and individualized instruction by qualified photographers.

Click Here to view a sample schedule from a Prizewinning Photography workshop in San Diego in 2009.


Prizewinning Photography 2

Digital imaging and intermediate portraiture.

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Prizewinning Photography 2 is an intensive week-long photography workshop focused around digital image management, image editing, lighting and on-location portraiture. This workshops covers about a semester’s worth of college-level material in just one week. Students will receive specific instruction in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements from an Adobe Certified Expert.

Click Here to view a sample schedule of a Prizewinning Photography 2 workshop in Saint Petersburg, Florida in 2009.


Portraiture & Lighting

Creative lighting and artistic portraiture

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Portraiture is all about personality. More than a mode on your SLR, a good portrait is an expression of our humanity, as it provides a glimpse into the life of another. The wonder of a moment—whether a candid moment of victory, or the posed elegance of grandeur—bears an image of the soul. If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, what do you want to say?

If portraiture is made up of personality, then photography is all about light. Every day, great images are created of a thousand and one different subjects, but each one has a single defining quality—the masterful use of light. As a human you require light to see, but as a photographer, have you learned to see light?

Come and join us for Portraiture & Lighting, yet another week-long photographic exploration from IPS. During this week you’ll gain experience in the creative use of both studio- and available light, learn the ins and outs of artistic portraiture, and discover the secrets of a successful studio workflow. Professional photographers who have “been there” and “done that” will guide you through each aspect of the week, in a manner you’ve come to expect from an IPS course.


Look Through

Business and studio style coaching.

We want to help you become the photographer you want to be. We want to take you to the next level. We will assist you to Look Through & Define your style. You will get a web site that is fully customized and fully editable. We want to ‘Look Though’ your portfolio to figure out how much you should, or could be charging–now and later. Together we will put together your gallery, home page and we will help you set up client packaging. We will hook you up with awesome products, so you can offer albums, prints and other cool stuff, on your own website, so you continue to make money after you shoot. Enhance your studio image with a logo that is personal and you.


PhotoEx: A Life-Changing Experience

Intermediate photography, international travel, and intense discipleship in a location you’ll never forget.


PhotoEx is short for Photographic -expedition; -excursion; -exceptional; -extravaganza; -extraordinaire; -experience; -etc… you get the idea!

A PhotoEx is designed to bring a small number of students together with qualified instructors for an intense discipleship opportunity in some of the most remarkable places in the world.

Each PhotoEx we offer is designed to be an intensive time of travel, learning, group participation, and ministry training.



Discover the power of a well-crafted story.


Do you have a passion for people? A message you think others need to hear or see? Want to learn to challenge the heart and mind of those who see your pictures? Here’s your chance! This five-day workshop will train you to influence the worldview of those around you as you learn to invest emotional impact, conceptual ideas, and photographic analogies into your images.

You can expect to be challenged to identify the key aspects of an event or issue and to construct a series of photos that accurately tell a story. While time is spent discussing traditional “objective” photojournalism, much of the course is aimed at a more subjective, story-telling way of focusing our images on a specific need or issue.

This is a fast-paced, completely digital workshop. Instructors Will Thornton and Mandy Novotny will combine tried-and-true techniques with practical insights gained through hard fought photographic experience.

Daily photo story assignments and photo essays, combined with personal instruction and image review sessions, ensure that students will receive an in-depth personal look at the powerful world of photojournalism.

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