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Groundbreaking Firmware Update

Canon 7D

Yesterday, Canon announced a fantastic firmware update for the 7D. To my knowledge, this update is the first time that Canon has allowed manual audio levels on a camera that they previously released without that control. This is GREAT news for anyone shooting video with the 7D, and in my opinion, keeps the 7D on the market as a viable camera for a while longer. Kudos to Canon on this one! Now… if they would just follow suit and give me manual audio control on my 1D-Mark 4!


Read more about the update from the good folks at dpreview.com here: http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/06/28/Canon-EOS-7D-firmware-v2-major-update

Buy a new Canon 7D here:

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How Good is the iPhone Camera?

I love my new iPhone 4s, and I even love it’s camera. We’ve all seen the sample galleries of pro photographers who have used it for this or that photo shoot, but the question remains… just how good is the camera really? Pop Photo magazine has recent run the iPhone 4s through their camera test lab in an attempt to answer that question. Check out their thoughts here.

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The $50 Christmas list for Photographers

Congratulations! You found the Ultimate $50 Christmas List for the Photographer in your life! If you are not one yourself, photographers can be quite a challenge to buy for. This list contains some of the hottest items of this holiday season. Happy shopping!

Whether they are on the shelf or on the Kindle, books are still a great way to push forward into the New Year with some new skills. While we cannot guarantee that there will not be offensive images, we are pretty confident that these books are among the cleanest on the market.


Here are a couple of quick fixes to help you take even better photos with that iPhone camera!

iPhone Lens kit

Mini Gorilla-pod for iPhone

iPhone tripod adapter


Lens Mugs
Ever since they hit the U.S. Market about 2 years ago, Lens Mugs have been one of the hottest selling photo accessories. Here’s where to get yours cheap.

Canon 24-70

Canon 70-200

Nikon 24-70


Cards & Batteries
You can never have too many of either!

16GB SD Card

16GB CF Card

AA Batteries & Charger

AA Rechargeable Batteries


Have ideas for more great stuff? Comment below, and we’ll do our best to include it!

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Sony A77 Camera Review from Pop Photo

Sony A77 Camera Review from Pop Photo

I still maintain my position of “Canon or Nikon” when it comes to selecting a DSLR camera, but this review from Popular Photography Magazine makes a compelling case for the new Sony A77 DSLR. Camera for camera it provides some stiff competition for the Canon 7D and the Nikon D300s, but adds a few new twists of its own. Hopefully Canon will start to implement some of these into its own series before I have to buy a new camera!

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