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Pictures of the Week | April 21, 2014

Senior Girl Portrait

Senior Girl Portrait by Susan Stoltzfus // I like this portrait a lot – she’s got great sharp eyes and catchlights. I like the beam in the background that comes behind her head at a similar angle. Very nice soft lighting on the face…

Senior Guy Portrait

Senior Guy Portrait by Susan Stoltzfus // This one too has nice soft lighting across the face with great catchlights and sharp eyes. Bringing his face up to the camera angle from above helps make this work.

Spring Light

Spring Light by Jeri Beth Hardy // The lighting in this image is beautiful. It draws me into the shape and texture of the tree in bloom.

Throwing Pizza

Throwing Pizza by Meghan Murphy // This is a great environmental portrait – we see enough facial features to clearly identify the woman, but she’s in action, giving us a bigger part of her story.

Hobbit Path

Hobbit Path by Patricia Burk // I feel like quoting Bilbo Baggins as I walk this path through the woods.


Wanderlust by Brooke Harrison // I like how Brooke deliberately added layers to this photo. It’s not just a map; it’s not just a suitcase; The combo brings it together into a deeper picture than either would be alone.

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