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Looking for Prints Charming?

If you’ve ever printed a meticulously edited photo and found the result to be somewhat [lacking], you’re not alone. Getting your photos to look good in print isn’t just a matter of spending more money on a better lab. This video will teach you how to overcome 5 major problems to getting good prints so you look good wherever your art is featured!

This video is part of our Digital Photography 2 Class. To watch more videos like this become a member or join a class!

What other tricks have you found to getting better prints? What is your favorite lab? Leave us a comment below!



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Lightroom 5 is Here!

You may have noticed that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 has recently been released. This upgrade to Adobe’s fantastic Lightroom product will be incorporated into the IPS curriculum over the next few months.

Students participating in online classes over the summer may use either Lightroom 4 or Lightroom 5 and the instructional videos they watch may feature either version of the software.

Students participating in our live classes in Manitou Springs this September (2013) should purchase or upgrade their software to Lightroom 5.

Students participating in online learning from September 2013 and onward should also purchase or upgrade to Lightroom 5.



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