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Feature Friday // Giles Duley: Half man, Half camera

Wow! I just finished watching this awesome  TedTalk by Giles Duley. In light of our new photojournalism class starting I think this presentation speaks loud and clear about an awesome service you can provide as a photographer. It’s so true that the more you make your life about other people and serving them, the more God is able to use you for His glory, because it’s ultimately about Him! 

Our DPJ class has been doing assignments called “Meet a Stranger”. Each week they have as a photo assignment to go out and meet a new person, photograph them and get their story. Sounds scary and cool all at the same time right? Check out their blog posts about meeting strangers in their town.

Clay Blankenbeckler, John Malloy, Marissa Stockton, Christi Davis

Want to know how to tell someone’s story? Take our online Digital Photojournalism class. It’ll push you in ways you never imagined.

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Thursday // IPS Alumni Feature

Here we are! Thursday and showing off some IPS alumni! Did you take an IPS class with any of these featured students? Leave a comment (and maybe a picture of them) below if you did!


Duc Tran


Duc has taken our Digital Photography courses and our Portraiture & Lighting class! He’s a great photographer and pretty cool guy to hang out with if you ever get a chance. He currently lives in the Denver area of Colorado.





Meagan Wanschura


Meagan has taken our Digital Photography classes, Portraiture & Lighting and went to Thailand in 2013 with our video team! Check out Meagan’s blog and if you are in the Twin Cities area and need a photographer, look her up!





Brandy Minter


Brandy attended out classes over 8 years ago! She now has a photography business with her husband and has 4 kids. It’s awesome to see where alumni students go after completing IPS courses!







If you would like to nominate a fellow IPS student (or even yourself) shoot us an email: info@ipsphoto.co!

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Feature Friday // Packing for Overseas Trips

I have been thinking and dreaming a lot about our upcoming PhotoEx trip! There is still room if you want to come! You really should! Austria and Switzerland, um, yes please.

So. For those of you going with us. Or for those of you who will be traveling, here is a super helpful article. 

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Feature Friday // Lisa Kristine: Photos that bear witness to modern slavery

Our instructor, Hannah Brandau, has a heart for giving a voice to the voiceless. This is a very powerful presentation by a photographer who is raising awareness of the slavery that is going on in our world today. The numbers are astonishing and the pictures are heart-breaking.

The PhotoEx: Thailand 2013 leaves for Bangkok this weekend. Pray for them as they serve by making a promo video for House of Grace. Also be praying for House of Grace and the work they do to help girls caught and/or in danger of being enslaved.

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Feature Friday // Jill Thomas Photography

Jill Thomas is a wedding photographer in Utah. Why is she being featured here today? Because she is a photographer who will, hopefully, inspire you!


What’s cool about her website:

I like her idea about using pictures to talk about who she is. That’s pretty rad.

She isn’t JUST a wedding photographer. She does other stuff too. Like food and life and picnics!

And lastly, she uses a polaroid camera {Derks does too!} and film cameras. That’s pretty sweet.

Go ahead. Check out her stuff. It’s really good.

{what do you think about using polaroids and/or film cameras? Fun or Scary? Write your thoughts below!}

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