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Students learning photography from IPS.
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The Live Difference

IPS is pleased to offer our Digital Photography 1 curriculum as either an 8-week online class or a 1-week live workshop. By covering the same curriculum in 2 different styles of learning experience, we give you the ability to learn in the manner and time frame that works best for you!

IPS has been hosting live photography workshops since 2000, giving us a depth of experience unmatched in Christian photography education. As any of our graduates can tell you, IPS provides a fun, safe environment for you to excel in, both creatively and technically. Join us for a live workshop and learn why many students call IPS “the best week of their life!”

Why Live?

We’ve asked that same question… Why would someone want to come to our live workshops instead of taking classes online? Here’s what we think:

  • Personalized Learning—You are there, so are your instructors. Photography is inherently a hands-on process, and learning photography can be one too.
  • Community—Fun, friends, and fabulous food! Don’t just collect more Facebook Friends, make Real Friends at our live events!
  • Portland, OR—There’s a reason there are more photographers per capita here than anywhere else!
  • Focus—Without it, your images are blurry, and to be honest, your learning will be too. We all know how hard it is to find time in the midst of our busy normal lives. Take the week off… leave home… get it done!
  • Time—Why spend 8 weeks doing what you can finish in 1?

Workshop Details

Our live workshops are small, intimate learning environments, limited to just 5 students and an instructor. Our “classrooms” are the legendary coffee houses of Portland, and our shoot locations center on the gorgeous Pearl District. We’ll meet each morning, M-F, at 8am and spend the day together until 5pm – learning, shooting, and reviewing your images. Around noon each day we’ll take a lunch break, giving you the chance to enjoy Portland’s amazing food scene.

Housing Arrangements

For out-of-town students we recommend either the Holiday Inn Express located in NW Portland or the Northwest Portland Hostel, depending on your style and budget. Both of these accommodations are located within walking distance of our shoot locations and coffee house meeting locations.

Transportation Details

During the week we will generally not need transportation beyond a good pair of walking shoes. IPS will provide transportation for any photo shoot locations during our class hours.

Local students will need to provide their own transportation to class in the morning and from class in the evening.

Out-of-town students may contact IPS for assistance (for a $25 fee each way) in getting to/from the airport if a shuttle is not available from your hotel. If you are staying with family or friends in Portland we expect them to get you to/from the airport and class each day.


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