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Pictures of the Week | May 5, 2014

Giraffe by Patricia Burk

Giraffe – Photo by IPS Student Patricia Burk for Digital Photography 1. This is an amazing photo! I love so many thing about it: the sharp focus, the great compression from zooming in, the other giraffe in the background, and the contrast between the giraffe’s face and the dark background.
#giraffe #dp1 #zoo #animals #zoom #nature #closeup #safari #filltheframe #amazing #beautiful #nikon #d5200

Bracelet Clasp by Jeri Beth Hardy

Bracelet Clasp Macro – photo by IPS student Jeri Beth Hardy [@southernbess] for Digital Photography 1. This shot is full of amazing detail. The way @southernbess turned the clasp so that it was flat to the camera gave her wonderful sharpness even though the depth of field is tiny in a macro image. Nice job of lens flipping!
#macro #lensflip #lensflipping #closeup #bracelet #gold #detail #intricate #nikon #d90

Baking Cookies by Meghan Murphy

Baking Cookies – Photo Essay by Meghan Murphy [@megbmurphy] for Digital Photojournalism. This 5 shot essay has beautiful lighting, consistent colors and theme, and shows the process of baking cookies from start to finish. Great job!
#photoessay #essay #baking #cookies #housework #photojournalism #storytelling #canon #5dmk2 #5dmkii

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Pictures of the Week | April 28, 2014

Couple Portrait

Couple Portrait – photo by IPS Student Susan Stoltzfus for Digital Photography 2. I love the way her bright red sweater is set off from the muted tones of the background. Their posing is great too!

Couple Portrait

Couple Portrait – photo by IPS Student Susan Stoltzfus for Digital Photography 2. Killer pose, perfect execution! I’m going to steal this one for my next couple shoot!


Head and Shoulders with Flash – photo by IPS Student Brooke Harrison for Digital Photography 2. This assignment requires on-camera, TTL flash to balance the light between the face and the background. Great job!

Juice Bar

Juice Bar – photo by IPS Student Meghan Murphy for Digital Photojournalism. I love the light tones in this as he reaches toward the light with the epic sign in the shadows behind.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower – photo by IPS student Patricia Burk for Digital Photography 1. Nice example of the Rule of Thirds and how even a simple flower shot benefits from this composition.

Rise up – photo by IPS Student Jeri Beth Hardy for Digital Photography 1.

Rise up – photo by IPS Student Jeri Beth Hardy for Digital Photography 1. I love how everything in this photo reaches up toward the sky. There’s a nice anchor of ground right on the bottom edge of the frame and then long, black branches drawing us upward.

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    Pictures of the Week | April 21, 2014

    Senior Girl Portrait

    Senior Girl Portrait by Susan Stoltzfus // I like this portrait a lot – she’s got great sharp eyes and catchlights. I like the beam in the background that comes behind her head at a similar angle. Very nice soft lighting on the face…

    Senior Guy Portrait

    Senior Guy Portrait by Susan Stoltzfus // This one too has nice soft lighting across the face with great catchlights and sharp eyes. Bringing his face up to the camera angle from above helps make this work.

    Spring Light

    Spring Light by Jeri Beth Hardy // The lighting in this image is beautiful. It draws me into the shape and texture of the tree in bloom.

    Throwing Pizza

    Throwing Pizza by Meghan Murphy // This is a great environmental portrait – we see enough facial features to clearly identify the woman, but she’s in action, giving us a bigger part of her story.

    Hobbit Path

    Hobbit Path by Patricia Burk // I feel like quoting Bilbo Baggins as I walk this path through the woods.


    Wanderlust by Brooke Harrison // I like how Brooke deliberately added layers to this photo. It’s not just a map; it’s not just a suitcase; The combo brings it together into a deeper picture than either would be alone.

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    Pictures of the Week | November 20, 2013

    I love the contrast in this image, both the color contrast and the contrast in the lighting. I find that my eye moves quite naturally from the shadowed foreground to the backlit, saturated tree.

    The lighting in this image is really powerful. Framing the figurine in the harsh beam of light between two shadows gives this sense of drama, suspense, and the unknown. The high camera angle further accentuates the sense of vulnerability in the subject.

    This image has great color and contrast as well. I love how the frame is filled with the subject and still has a sense of depth as the leaves of the aloe plants rise up out of the background.

    This image was submitted as an example of backlighting. I love the creativity to use the shadow as the subject of the image, elevating the image from a technical assignment to a brilliant storytelling image.

    The warm sunset lighting here is really cool, but I also love the camera angle and overall composition. The image demonstrates unity, everything pushes us upward from the strength of the trunk to the intricacy of the leaves and branches.

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    Pictures of the Week | November 13, 2013

    And now, for your viewing pleasure, our Pictures of the Week!

    I love the way this photo captures the best of the season for those living on a lake. The colors and light are beautiful. The day looks warm and inviting. I wish I lived here!

    This photo was submitted for a “framing” assignment and it does a fantastic job. The dark frame accents the warm fall colors so very well. Great job!

    This is probably my favorite photo of the week. I love the warm lighting wrapping around the little cowgirl. This image too was turned in as an example of framing, this time using the shadows of the trees to create shape where no physical frame actually exists. This is a super creative way to frame a subject!

    This image was submitted to fulfill the assignment of blurred motion. I love the creativity that went into finding a subject that could both be sharp and show motion at the same time. The addition of the boots gives us a wonderful sense of first person experience.


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