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Posing is Danger

You’ve heard of this, and if you’re super lucky, you may have even seen it, but featured here in all it’s glory is the IPS original film, Posing is Danger. Whatever happens, do not try this at home. But if you do… please post a photo of it on our Facebook page!

Filming and editing by IPS Instructor, Andie Reavely


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Feature Friday // James Nord

James Nord

While searching for awesome content to deliver on Fridays I came across this blog.

I really like how this guy says that guys should wear ties often. He wears one almost every day. I think that’s kinda cool. But then, I am a girl … but maybe that gives me even more of a place to say that it’s nice to see guys dress up. Dressing up is cool. He also is a photographer.

Anyway. Most of you have seen this video. The first time I saw it I thought, “wow, I think I want to start using my phone less!” But also there was something that maybe didn’t sit so well with me. James gives a pretty good rebuttal. 

Thoughts? Reactions?

Let me know what you think.

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Feature Friday // Media Novak

Do you have a photography blog or business? Want some helpful marketing ideas?

If you answered “yes!” to either of those questions, check out this website. It’s all about giving helpful ideas to YOU as a photographer.

I found this article on marketing extremely helpful. 

I also think I want to try this on instagram …

And, because I like to learn from the mistakes of others.

Media Novak

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Feature Friday // National Geographic Travelers Photo Contest Winners

Check these images from the winner and runner ups of the National Geographic Travelers Photo Contest 2013!

Sometimes photography is being at the right place at the right time and sometimes it’s waiting for that perfect shot.

These are pretty cool.


Have you ever wanted to submit an image to a contest? Have you had any success?

Photo by MJ Hight

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Feature Friday // Jeremy Cowart – Help Portrait

Jeremy Cowart 

How can you use what you are doing to make a difference in someone’s life? Jeremy Cowart came up with an idea that has impacted thousands of people.

Jeremy’s idea?

1. Find people in need

2. Take their picture

3. Print their picture

4. Deliver the pictures to them


Sound like something you would want to do?

What has God uniquely gifted you to be able to do in photography or some other skill?

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