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SHARPEN // Stunning Sunsets

Stunning Sunsets
You know that feeling at the end of the day when you have gorgeous sunset right in front of you and you want to make it look just as good in the photo as it does in real life? Learn from Rowan Gillson as he gives you the right tools to capture that transcendental moment on camera! This webinar is for anyone who has a camera and wants to know how to take great sunset photos!

The big topics in this webinar:

Perfect Exposure // Learn the right settings for any camera!

Compelling Composition // Get the “WOW” factor

Adding Interest // Enhance your sunset without distracting


Register here! 

When: August 20th, 2013 @ 4pm Pacific Time

Where: This is an online web event

Who: You! (you can be any age with any type of camera!)

Cost: FREE!

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