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How to Read Your Histogram Without Becoming a Math Nerd

The Histogram is a powerful tool to help you get proper exposure in any situation. It’s also an intimidating graph representing an awful lot of math. This free tutorial video will teach you the essentials for reading it without turning into a geek.

This video is part of our Digital Photography 1 Class. To watch more videos like this become a member or join a class!

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Announcing Basic Digital Photography

Today I’m excited to announce our new Basic Digital Photography class will be available September 1! This latest curriculum is designed to be used by anyone with a digital camera, whether it’s a Digital SLR, a smart phone, or something in between. Like the name suggests, Basic Digital Photography is a great place to start your photographic journey – using the equipment you already have!

What you’ll learn

By taking this course you will learn to:

  • Take sharp photos
  • Tell better stories through good composition
  • Blur the background
  • Photograph fast action
  • Understand what those buttons do
  • Edit and organize your photos
  • Make your food look good
  • Shoot great landscapes
  • Create beautiful portraits
  • Find amazing light
  • Boost your creativity!

Required Equipment

To take this class you will need:

  • A digital camera with battery and memory card, of course
  • Personal computer with high speed internet access
  • Editing software (choose one): Picasa (free from Google), iPhoto (free from Apple), or Lightroom (from Adobe)

Like our other online classes, we offer this one in several different versions giving you the flexibility to learn how you want and when you want. Students working through the class on their own will enjoy the best price we’ve ever offered on a class of just $19.99. You can also choose our standard or graded versions to meet online with an IPS Instructor to review your work and ask questions and even receive grades and a transcript.

Learn more!
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