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Thursday // Alumni Feature – Hailey Huggins

Hailey Huggins



I love the hands on training at IPS. The instructors are always close by and ready to answer questions. The assignments and “tests” were so helpful.  They really push you to practice the things you’ve learned. I loved the days where we would go out on a shoot to see “the pros” work their magic.

One of the best experiences was having a family shoot at the end of a week where we learned lighting. I was on my own and had to practice the skills and tools that I had learned that week. Using the instructions outside of the classroom takes it to a whole new level.



Most of all, my favorite part of IPS is the friendships that I’ve made there. I’ ve met some of my best photographer buddies there, and the friendships don’t end with photography!

I photograph people. They’re my favorite. Meeting them, learning about them, and becoming friends with them. When I go into a shoot, whether it be a wedding or portrait session, I keep 3 things in mind: make it be fun, get real and natural photographs, and keep it stylish.

During a wedding, it’s all about the story of the day. It’s about two people in love coming together to be married. It’s about the bride and groom being surrounded by their favorite people to celebrate their commitment to each other.

During a family session, it’s about who they are as a family and what they do for fun. For some that’s playing in the their back yard or reading their favorite books in their playroom. For others it’s playing football at the park or enjoying a picnic.



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Thursday // Alumni Feature – Eli Watkins

Eli Watkins


When I was 10 years old my parents gave me a Christmas gift called The Ancient Art of Wire Jewelry Making.  I was very disappointed.  Little did I know that they knew me better than I knew myself.  I have been making jewelry ever since.









I invested in a camera when I was sixteen an discovered another passion, photography.  A friend told me about IPS and I signed up to take Prizewinning photography 1 & 2. Through a Landscape course and Graphic Design course, I was helped to further my understanding in photography.  I have since toured with IPS to several countries and have enjoyed exploring new places and learning about different cultures.


I decided to combined two of my favorite things Jewelry and Photography.  It has been a satisfying learning process and an exciting journey for me.  In 2012, with the help of a childhood friend, I launched my jewelry website, Especially Eli.

My passion is making unique, one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry for every occasion. All jewelry is handmade with love as I put my own creative touch and time into every piece.

Jocelyn Gillson from is doing a give-away of Especially Eli products December 9-11! She will be doing a give-away of one of those awesome cuffs, specifically the red one on the right.

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Final day of the Countdown to PhotoEx!

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Day 2 of the Countdown to PhotoEx!

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Day 3 of the Countdown to PhotoEx!

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