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Announcing Basic Digital Photography

Today I’m excited to announce our new Basic Digital Photography class will be available September 1! This latest curriculum is designed to be used by anyone with a digital camera, whether it’s a Digital SLR, a smart phone, or something in between. Like the name suggests, Basic Digital Photography is a great place to start your photographic journey – using the equipment you already have!

What you’ll learn

By taking this course you will learn to:

  • Take sharp photos
  • Tell better stories through good composition
  • Blur the background
  • Photograph fast action
  • Understand what those buttons do
  • Edit and organize your photos
  • Make your food look good
  • Shoot great landscapes
  • Create beautiful portraits
  • Find amazing light
  • Boost your creativity!

Required Equipment

To take this class you will need:

  • A digital camera with battery and memory card, of course
  • Personal computer with high speed internet access
  • Editing software (choose one): Picasa (free from Google), iPhoto (free from Apple), or Lightroom (from Adobe)

Like our other online classes, we offer this one in several different versions giving you the flexibility to learn how you want and when you want. Students working through the class on their own will enjoy the best price we’ve ever offered on a class of just $19.99. You can also choose our standard or graded versions to meet online with an IPS Instructor to review your work and ask questions and even receive grades and a transcript.

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Home School Photography Class

IPS has had a great relationship with home schooling students and families over the years. The vast majority of our staff and students have had some form of home education in their upbringing. One thing we never had was a photography class designed to be used by home schooling families in their homes. Today, I am pleased to announce this is changing!

Our first dedicated Home School Photography Class will be available for families beginning September 1 butis available now for pre-purchase. This class is designed to be used with any digital camera [including smart phones!] and with free image editing software, keeping the cost to a minimum. Signing up for this class gives whole families access to a series of tutorial videos they can use together to learn to take better photographs.

This class is written with students 10-years old and up in mind. Of course, as a parent educator you know the needs of your children better than anyone. With the right assistance these materials can be used with younger students.

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Class contents

Our Home School Photography Class contains all the pieces you need to run a successful semester of photography for your student(s). The only thing you need to add is a digital camera and editing software!

16 tutorial videos provide top quality instruction from a master photographer.

A full syllabus has each lesson planned for you.

16 lessons quizes, one for each lesson

Creative Photo Assignments e-book with 32 photo assignments

How to Critique Photos checklist

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This class was written and produced by IPS Director Rowan Gillson. Rowan was home schooled for grades K-1, and 7-12. He went on to achieve his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and his Master of Arts degree in Communications. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop and Lightroom and a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer. Rowan has worked in the photo industry since 1996. His portfolio of  clients and publications includes Summit Ministries, World Magazine, the Government of Fiji, the New Zealand Department of Conservation, Compassion International, Taylor Guitars, Getty Images, Corbis, and local news outlets on 3 continents.

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