An IPS Student in Africa

Summer Missions Trip Photography

This January the Lord graciously opened the doors to a six month overseas opportunity. I was asked to photograph hospital work and everyday life over in Kenya, Africa at Tenwek Hospital. It was an incredible learning experience as I had never done this type of work before! I saw God use my camera in ways I never could of expected. I was able to meet people and share a little of my story with complete strangers just because I was carrying a camera and they were curious.

Summer Missions Trip Photography

I was so encouraged to capture surgeries for the missionary surgeons to bring back for support raising and use to tell people how the Lord is working! The Lord used this to open my eyes to the great need of these people and created a spark in my heart to serve Kenya and wherever I am with my camera. What a thought! I can use what the Lord has gifted me in to serve and make connections with people who I have a language barrier with. I am so excited to use this new vision and my camera to spread the word to the nations.

Summer Missions Trip Photography
Rebecca Wesson
IPS Photojournalism Student

Summer Missions Trip Photography

Summer Missions Trip Photography

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