5 Reasons to Go on a Short Term Missions Trip

Summer is the season for Short Term Mission Trips [STMT] and I’m a fan. I hope you’re going on a STMT this summer, because it will probably change your life. My life was changed in Taiwan in 1999 and ever since then I’ve been hooked!

Rowan in Taiwan with Friends 2003

I’ve made some amazing, life-long friends through short term mission trips. Here I am with some of them in Taiwan in 2003.

If you’re on the fence about a STMT as you read this, let me give you 5 reasons for why you should go:
1. Change of scenery – Getting out of your normal is a good thing. It presents you with new challenges, new patterns, and new things to think about. This is where growth happens.
2. Culture – Most people don’t think like you do. Stepping into another culture gives you the gift of seeing the world in a different way.
3. The team – Chances are good that you know some of your team well, others not so well, and maybe others not at all. Being forced to spend lots of time in a new culture in a different routine will, you guessed it, help you grow!
4. Ministry – Setting aside a week or two from your normal life to focus on meeting the needs of others in the name of Jesus is good. It will probably challenge you to spend more time giving and less time taking when you get home too.
5. Encouragement – Your trip might last a week, but the missionary or church you’re going to support is there long-term. Encourage them, give them life, love them in the name of Jesus and you’ve made a long-term impact in just a few short days.

Over the next few weeks I’m excited to share a series of posts focused on STMT and how you can use your skills as a photographer when you go. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Using your Camera on STMT
  • Essentials of Cross Cultural Photography
  • 5 Tips from a Pro
  • A Missionary’s Perspective
  • Lessons of Sustainable Travel
  • Packing Essentials
  • Personal Stories from IPS Instructors
  • And more!

So what do you think? What’s your number one reason to go on a short term mission trip? Tell me below!

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