Pictures of the Week | November 6, 2013

Every Wednesday I post a collection of the best images from our IPS students. This week I had way too many good ones to choose from. Here are my favorites…

This is a really cool shot anyway, but how much more perfect in the fall. I love the attention to detail in arranging the apples, and the perfect overhead angle.

This is a splendid example of great depth, lighting and color all squished into one brilliant image.

I love the relationship between the barn in the foreground and the silo in the background. The tree filling the extra space is just perfect. The texture in the warn wood of the barn is really cool!

This portrait has amazing eyes and wonderful catchlights. I love window light! It’s beautiful and free.

I appreciate how this image takes a normal architectural element and makes it look epic. The stair is cool on its own, but the photographer’s skill elevates it to a whole new level.

I like this image because everything was placed deliberately by the photographer. The white background was made, the crayons found and placed, and the image created. Oh, and it looks cool too!

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