Pictures of the Week | November 20, 2013

I love the contrast in this image, both the color contrast and the contrast in the lighting. I find that my eye moves quite naturally from the shadowed foreground to the backlit, saturated tree.

The lighting in this image is really powerful. Framing the figurine in the harsh beam of light between two shadows gives this sense of drama, suspense, and the unknown. The high camera angle further accentuates the sense of vulnerability in the subject.

This image has great color and contrast as well. I love how the frame is filled with the subject and still has a sense of depth as the leaves of the aloe plants rise up out of the background.

This image was submitted as an example of backlighting. I love the creativity to use the shadow as the subject of the image, elevating the image from a technical assignment to a brilliant storytelling image.

The warm sunset lighting here is really cool, but I also love the camera angle and overall composition. The image demonstrates unity, everything pushes us upward from the strength of the trunk to the intricacy of the leaves and branches.

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