Pictures of the Week | November 13, 2013

And now, for your viewing pleasure, our Pictures of the Week!

I love the way this photo captures the best of the season for those living on a lake. The colors and light are beautiful. The day looks warm and inviting. I wish I lived here!

This photo was submitted for a “framing” assignment and it does a fantastic job. The dark frame accents the warm fall colors so very well. Great job!

This is probably my favorite photo of the week. I love the warm lighting wrapping around the little cowgirl. This image too was turned in as an example of framing, this time using the shadows of the trees to create shape where no physical frame actually exists. This is a super creative way to frame a subject!

This image was submitted to fulfill the assignment of blurred motion. I love the creativity that went into finding a subject that could both be sharp and show motion at the same time. The addition of the boots gives us a wonderful sense of first person experience.


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