Weekly Student Gallery | October 29, 2013

Here’s our Weekly Gallery of student work. These images were all turned in as part of student assignments due this week.

Autumn Leaves by Anna Johnson

I really like color contrast in this image that draws you clearly to the one green leaf in the pile of fall colors. The rule of thirds is also well used to place the leaf in a place of strength.

Evening coffee by Danita Beachy

I chose thise picture because it’s a fantastic use of the camera’s pop-up flash. To be honest, I don’t see it used well very often, but in this case it has filled in what would be very dark shadows on the side of the mug. Because of the flash we clearly see the detail and color of the mug balanced with the warm sunlight coming in from the background. Great job!

Flowers by Amanda Mueller

This is another great shot. To create this image, Amanda used an off-camera speedlight with a softbox on it to create an intense backlight. Way to go!

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