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This Week at IPS // TTL Flash

This week we are teaching Digital Photography 2 and Portraiture & Lighting classes in Manitou Springs, CO. For today’s assignment, students were working on lighting head and shoulders “product” shots of hats or scarves. Students Melissa Machado, McKenzie Barnum, Elizabeth Clayton and Brad Weir produced this fantastic image using just one flash in TTL mode on the camera and bounced into a reflector. Let’s just say, I was impressed!

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Exposure Compensation or Centering the Needle?

Your Question

I am sort of confused as to how exposure compensation works along with adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, etc. for the reading the camera gives you. Let’s say you are using spot metering and measuring off a point on a persons face. Wouldn’t you just adjust the aperture and shutter speed as needed to center the needle and then take the photo? Isn’t adjusting those up or down a stop generally doing the same thing as moving the exposure compensation up or down?

Rowan’s Answer

You are right, they are exactly the same. You use Exposure Compensation to adjust brightness when you are shooting in Program, Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority exposure modes. In Manual exposure mode, you simply adjust the needle wherever you want for the desired exposure–the camera setting for Exposure Compensation does nothing.


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Posing is Danger

You’ve heard of this, and if you’re super lucky, you may have even seen it, but featured here in all it’s glory is the IPS original film, Posing is Danger. Whatever happens, do not try this at home. But if you do… please post a photo of it on our Facebook page!

Filming and editing by IPS Instructor, Andie Reavely


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Thursday // Alumni Feature – Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart



B&W – People – Classical



A great way to increase your knowledge of all things “photography” while being challenged to greater images both artistically & fundamentally while meeting new faces & friends.

I stay busy promoting my business through a fan page & blog, plus local opportunities such as Bridal Fairs, coffee shop displays, and networking. Just recently finished remodeling a home & moved in with my sisters. I also have a “day job” as Office Manager at a large RV Community. I enjoy teaching Sunday School & a girls’ mid-week class at church, and I’m gearing up for our family’s Christmas Concert season where we travel and minister the love of Jesus through song. Never a dull moment.

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Feature Friday // James Nord

James Nord

While searching for awesome content to deliver on Fridays I came across this blog.

I really like how this guy says that guys should wear ties often. He wears one almost every day. I think that’s kinda cool. But then, I am a girl … but maybe that gives me even more of a place to say that it’s nice to see guys dress up. Dressing up is cool. He also is a photographer.

Anyway. Most of you have seen this video. The first time I saw it I thought, “wow, I think I want to start using my phone less!” But also there was something that maybe didn’t sit so well with me. James gives a pretty good rebuttal. 

Thoughts? Reactions?

Let me know what you think.

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