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Adventurous, passionate and sometimes a little crazy, Christa Taylor is on a mission to meet new people and to bring their stories to life. Christa got involved with IPS through Jocelyn Gillson, wife of CEO Rowan Gillson, and quickly became aware of how much she didn’t know about photography…”They invited me to take one of their classes. I was already working full time as a photographer, but when I took the class I realized how much I didn’t know.”  Christa is using photography in a variety of ways; Weddings, online publications and photos for different government agencies. Oh yeah, and did we mention she has been published?

Settling in after a busy day, Christa takes time to chat with us and answer those questions that future IPS students want to know.

IPS: What do you like about IPS?

Christa: I like the closeness and the stability with the instructors. They are very open and you can ask them anything. Photographers in general are people that are more hands-on or visual learners…having access to a means of learning that you can absorb and actually learn from is extremely valuable. For me, having this visual place that Rowan perfected, being able to have a workshop, and have one on one in the moment….that was really valuable.

IPS: How do you feel IPS has made you more successful as a photographer?

Christa: I would say that it was highly foundational in my photography skills. I took one of Rowan’s later workshops, one of the SHARPEN classes, on Lightroom work flow; this was very monumental in making me a more respected business photographer. It set up my workflow so much that it has saved me hours, and hours. As a self employed photographer that’s money,…so I would say IPS has enhanced my workflow experience so I can be more effective.

IPS: Why would you recommend someone going to a live workshop over an online course?

Christa: The live classes have a huge advantage because they are one-on-one, direct access to the instructors. You don’t have that in a group class online. You can ask questions and have your individual problems solved…it’s like going to baking school and watching a YouTube video on how to make bread, it a hands-on difference.

IPS: What advice would you give to a beginning photographer?

Christa: Find your nitch. For a while I was trying to be a photographer that could service every kind of industry. It’s a nightmare if you can’t brand yourself. If you try to be all things to all people you end up not doing any of it well. Find what you love and figure out a way to make money with that.

IPS: Favorite piece if gear?

Christa: Nikon 85 1.2f and my custom logo camera strap from High Key.

IPS: Favorite Blogs?

Christa:  Bobby Smith, Sue Brice and Jasmine Star.




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