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Photo Tip | Alternate Horizons

If you’re like me, sometimes the straight up and down just doesn’t work for a photo. The problem is, rotating them can be awkward too…displays don’t turn them at specific angles, and I don’t really like throwing out people’s necks as they try to make things line up. Then there’s the issue of hanging it on the wall…I’m too OCD to just let it hang there crooked. Fortunately, there’s a nifty trick I call “Finding an Alternate Horizon” that helps out quite a bit.

Photo tips

As I lined this shot up, my goal was to fill the frame with railroad tracks as completely as I possibly could. Straight up and down just didn’t work. I didn’t want the tracks getting smaller in the distance, leaving the emptiness beside the tracks to grow out of control. My solution? Turn the photo so the narrow distant tracks fit neatly into the corner. My “alternate horizon?” The edge of the tracks. By lining up the edge of the tracks with the edge of the photo, I’ve kept something straight, and the image still feels properly framed, even though the true horizon is tilted to the extreme.

Rotating the image helps me fill the frame really well, and finding an alternate horizon helps the viewer feel like the whole world isn’t out of control. Another name for this technique might be, “Darn It, Make Something Straight!”

Photo tips

In this shot I have again rotated the image away from the norm. By arranging my view in this way I have been able to fill the frame more effectively with the portion of the Summer Palace that I want you to see, eliminating everything else. In order to keep the photo feeling deliberate and “normal,” I have used the bottom edge of the roof as a horizontal straight line.

Has this ever worked for you? Link me to a photo below!

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Today we remember…

Today we remember...
Crosses in the American Cemetery overlooking “Omaha” beach in Normandy, France.

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FPEA – Saturday Photo Question of the Day

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FPEA – Friday Photo Question of the Day!

Did you stop by our booth and answer the Photo Question of the Day?

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Feature Friday // Miss Elainious

This girl had a great idea about 2 years ago and has been blogging fairly consistently ever since. Have you ever done a “Photo-A-Day” type contest? Need inspiration in order to blog? Find something you are passionate about and stick with it.

Check out her blog and be inspired!



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