Street Photography Backgrounds

To make a great photo, a lot of elements need to come together at just the right time. Studio photographers work their magic with precise control over light, composition, model, background, props, etc… Street photographers have to find their magic and catch its fleeting form before that moment is gone forever. One of my favorite street shooter tricks is to find a great spot and wait…

Street Photography

I love this photo. It is one of my favorites from my first trip to Europe. This photo, however, didn’t just happen. Some friends and I were out wandering through the streets of Tallinn, Estonia, snapping photos and hitting ancient coffee shops. All of a sudden I saw this, a fantastic background/composition in which I could feature some innocent pedestrian.

Street Photography in Tallinn, Estonia

This began a process of walking around and checking out various camera angles to find the one I liked best. Eventually I settled on my stomach in the gutter about 100 yards down the street, and zoomed in to 200mm to get the proper angle.




Then I waited; and shot. Over the next few minutes I created a series of images that included the random people who just happened to be walking down that street. Some of them were cool; some of them were not.

Street photography in Tallinn, Estonia. But only one of them really had the impact that I wanted and fulfilled the original vision that I had when I saw that sweet location and set up camp. I only spent 10-15 minutes working this angle, but these few minutes gave me an infinitely better image than what was there when I first walked by. Sometimes, the best thing to do when hunting for a good image is simply to wait.



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  1. RacheL H. May 15, 2013 at 10:40 am #

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing… I was glad to read this today. :)

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