Europe 2013

Europe 2013
PhotoEx:London & Paris

One of our fun New Year’s traditions at IPS these past few years has been to announce our upcoming PhotoEx to Europe. It represents the moment when we are able to share the many, many hours of dreaming, research and planning with you and begin to make those dreams a reality.

Alas! This year, our announcement is delayed! Our best efforts have met  some significant roadblocks, and thus altering our traditional announcement schedule.

However, there are a few tantalizing details that I can commit to you:

  • There will be a PhotoEx:Europe in 2013
  • It will be in late September and/or early October
  • The price will be similar to our previous trips
  • Airfare will be cheaper due to not traveling in June, July, or August
  • You’re probably going to like it…

We are greatly looking forward to revealing to you the glorious details of PhotoEx:Europe 2013, but that revealing will not be today. Check back soon. Watch us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And get ready to come join us in Europe this September!

Happy New Year!


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  1. Caleb Noonan January 27, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    I’d love to make to it. I need to know the details first. How much would it be? For the whole trip I mean….The meals, flight, hotel, etc. I can’t just dreaming about going if I know no details. I haven’t gone to any of ‘previous’ I don’t know how much I should be looking at.


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