Travel Photography Editing Tips

Elderly monk spins prayer wheel in Qinghai, China.

Photo credit (c) Rowan Gillson

Steve Davey has posted an excellent article at on the subject of editing on the road. His article is well written, and expresses some valuable keys as to the How and the Why of editing as you travel.

I disagree with Steve on the issue of deleting images… I have no idea what the future may hold or what I may want to do with my images in the future, but I do know that a deleted image is useless. Go ahead, delete the ones that are super out of focus or so overexposed that you can’t tell what is going on. Keep the ones that are good, even if there’s one in the series that is a bit better. You just never know when a different expression, composition or even sharing 6 images of the same thing in a slightly different version is going to be just what you need.


So, check out the article and let me know what you think!


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