Lens Fogging makes it Better

Lens Fogging makes it Better

Usually lens fogging is a bad thing in photography, but on a very grey shoot in London last month, it made my day!

A group of IPS students and I were on a photo shoot near Tower Bridge in downtown London. We were excited to get to put away our umbrellas for a bit in between rain bursts, but there was no chance of sun, blue sky, or one of those iconic post card shots. My best shots looked something like this:

Photo Tutorial

Then, I realized that all I needed for a good old iconic Dickens’ version of London was a bit of fog. I turned my camera around and blew a blast of warm, moist air onto the front of my lens, giving it a fantastic covering of fog. My next photo looked like this:

Photo Tutorial

This isn’t a technique that you’re going to use every day, but it’s a pretty handy trick to have on a rainy day.



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