Canon goes Pancake!

I’ve been enraptured by pancake lenses ever since I first saw them. The idea of a sweet lens that’s really small and low-profile is VERY attractive to me. However, one of the downsides has always been that Canon doesn’t make them… until now. Canon recently announced their first pancake lens, a 40mm f/2.8 beauty that’s sure to detract from the bulk of your current SLR kit in a very positive way! Oh, and they’re cheap! Oh… and they’re light! Oh… and they’re small! What a fantastic combo!

All that said, f/2.8 is a bit limiting, so I don’t really see the 40mm pancake replacing my 50mm f/1.4 as the low-light go-to lens, but as a travel-light, street-friendly, fun lens, I think it’s a must!


Check out Roger Cicala’s thoughts here:

Can’t wait to get one? Me either!! Buy it now from B&H:

Buy now from B&H


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