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First Impressions of the Nikon D800


At first glance, I was pretty nervous about the image quality that would come out of the Nikon D800. Sure, on paper it looks impressive… who doesn’t want their best work recorded at an incredible 36 mega pixels? Some of the initial reviews indicated that despite the awesome specs, the actual image quality left much to be desired.

All that said, I’m encouraged by the latest review from based on their actual work with the Nikon D800. I’m going to say that the jury is still out in my head, but this is some really positive news.

Check out the review here:


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Canon G1x Review

I was thrilled when Canon announced the G1x. Finally, someone figured out that what we (read, I) really want in a point and shoot is a REALLY BIG SENSOR. You see, I’m a quality freak, and little sensors are the biggest quality killers in smaller sized cameras. Just a few weeks ago, I nearly bought the G1x, but held back when I realized that it still doesn’t offer manual control over the aperture and shutter in video modes. Apart from that, it’s simply amazing…

Check out a detailed review of the camera here:


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Facebook Upsizes

On March 22, Facebook announced that they would be changing the way they display high resolution images. Their feature update means that images are dynamically sized at the largest size that fits on your screen up to either the max image size (i.e. the actual size you uploaded) or 2048px.

This brings up the question of “How do I protect my photos” as a photographer…

Personally, I keep the files I upload to Facebook sized at 720 pixels. That size is going to look great on all mobile devices and tablets, and most laptops. Yeah, it’s going to be a bit small if someone’s using a 30″ monitor… Images sized at 720 pixels can be swiped and put on someone else’s blog, but they can’t really be printed and still look good.

Another thing I usually do is stick a watermark on my photos. I’m not a fan of the “front and center” watermark, but a small logo in the corner says, “this is mine and I care about it.” Yes, someone could still crop the watermark out of the image, but I feel like I have done due diligence.

I’ll probably post a few high-resolution images to Facebook, but that’s going to be a carefully selected few, never a complete family photo shoot.

Remember, posting to Facebook is like telling everyone, and whatever you post can and will be used in ways you never imagined!




Read more about the Facebook update:


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Slow Shutter Sports

When you think of sports photography, you usually think of fast shutter speeds to stop fast motion. Here’s an interesting gallery from the folks at Popphoto featuring some sports photography using slower shutter speeds.


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PhotoEx: London & Paris Packing Video

World travel packing guru Jocelyn Gillson brings you the top tips and tricks to packing light and looking fabulous in Europe this June!


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