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The Announcement

IPS is now offering online classes!


Digital Photography Curriculum

This summer we started over–taking the best of our Prizewinning Photography workshops, and working in the latest trends and newest camera features–to produce a comprehensive photography curriculum designed to take students with little or no prior experience to complete mastery of general photography. Our new course of study is made up of the classes Digital Photography 1, Digital Photography 2, and Digital Photography 3. Our first Digital Photography 1 and Digital Photography 2 classes begin January 7, 2013. Our first Digital Photography 3 class begins April 29, 2013.

If you’ve already attended IPS workshops, you’ll be interested to Learn the Differences between Prizewinning Photography and Digital Photography.


Digital Photojournalism

We are pleased to once again offer a class focused on photojournalism! We have significantly revised our previous curriculum and structured it to an 8-week online format. Our next Digital Photojournalism class begins January 7, 2013.


Live Workshops

Don’t worry! We are still offering live workshops in Manitou Springs, CO in April and September 2013! We will be hosting our Digital Photography 1 and Digital Photography 2 workshops in a 1-week format, but still use the same curriculum as the online classes. In September 2013 we will host a live Portraiture & Lighting workshop.


2013 Schedule and a HUGE discount!

We are so excited to have our complete 2013 workshop schedule live that we are offering a $200 discount on ANY 2013 online class or live workshop if you register THIS WEEK! Simply use the coupon code BIGNEWS when you check out to subtract an additional $100 off the early registration price. Don’t forget! This discount is ONLY good until Sunday, October 21st at midnight PST.

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Digital Photography vs. Prizewinning Photography

Changing names is complicated, and should be saved for special occasions, and this is a special occasion! We are rolling out a brand new photography curriculum for 2013–so new, in fact, that we can no longer call it Prizewinning Photography. Our Digital Photography curriculum is formatted into 3 classes: Digital Photography 1, Digital Photography 2, and Digital Photography 3. Each class builds upon the previous class, taking photographers will little or no experience to complete mastery of digital photography.

We have done a lot more than just updating the name, look, and feel of our former Prizewinning Photography material. To begin, we stepped back and tallied up all the topics we covered in our PWP classes. Then we added in about 50% more material to fill the gaps and update to current technology. After that, we took a hard look at our teaching style, realizing that many of our students came out of a PWP class knowing which buttons to push, but not knowing why to push them. The final piece was to update the format and language of our content to make it more compatible with college courses, making it easier for our students to gain portfolio credit for their time studying with IPS.

We are really proud of our new Digital Photography curriculum, and think you’ll like it too! Here’s a nice, bullet-pointed list of how and why this curriculum is different from any of our previous classes:

  • DP is a more comprehensive curriculum, we’ve filled in the holes
  • You’ll learn more of the “whys” behind the “how-tos”
  • We include image management and editing from the beginning
  • DP features a much more robust Photographic Theory component, learning how to think like a Christian photographer
  • About 50% of the content of DP was not found in PWP
  • You have to write in DP, helping you synthesize information at a higher cognitive level
  • DP is formatted to be 100% college compatible
  • DP is available in online classes or live workshops
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Photographers Remember September 11th

Ground Zero

September 11th is the December 7th of my generation. The day fiction became reality. The day that we all remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news.

Ground Zero





I was in Denver, CO and was supposed to fly home that day. I remember my first thought as I woke up that morning was “Man, I don’t want to go home today.” And I didn’t. Shortly after waking, a friend called my hotel room, “We’re under attack!” she yelled into the phone. I turned on the TV. You know the rest…





American Photo  has put together a really interesting piece from the perspective of the photographers who were there that day. Be sure to check it out here:
Ground Zero

May we never forget!

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Ground Zero




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Review of Canon Rebel T4i


DP Review has just posted their in-depth review of the Canon Rebel T4i. As the latest in the outstanding Rebel series, the T4i brings something brand new to the 35mm style, DSLR market: touch screen control. The entire back LCD panel is now a touch screen, giving users direct control over settings and faster access through menus. Despite being first generation, Canon has done a great job with this new feature.

Another great feature of the T4i is moving video mode from the control dial to the on/off switch.




Oh, and it records stereo audio with manual control of the levels, another big perk. Check out our recent blog post about the new hybrid auto-flash system!This enables users to switch instantly to filming video while staying in whatever shooting mode (Program, Tv, Av, Manual, etc…) they were in before.


Need the full review, check it out here:


Ready to buy now? Go over to our friends at BHphoto!

Want to learn more about photography? Check out our upcoming workshops! 


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Nikon Releases the iPhone 5!

As the recent parody video declared, the biggest use of the iPhone seems to be snapping photos and sharing them on Instagram. If that’s true, Nikon has just announced the next iPhone. The new COOLPIX S800c is all that a current generation digicam ought to be, but it runs on the Android platform with built-in wifi and GPS.

Yes… this means that you can upload your photos and videos straight to Flickr and play Farmville right on your camera!

The COOLPIX S800c is the first true merger of phone/tablet connectivity into a traditional camera body with the glorious image quality of a fantastic lens and real sized sensor. This is an awesome development in the photo world, and I’m really excited that Nikon has taken the leap!

This camera is not yet available, but should be out soon!

Pre-order from BHphoto here!

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