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Monday September 12, 2011 – Friday September 16, 2011

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General Information

We are very pleased to be returning to the campus of Summit Ministries for another fabulous set of workshops in Manitou Springs, CO. Manitou Springs is a photogenic tourist town nestled in the foot hills of Pike’s Peak. Photo shoot locations will include Garden of the Gods, Rainbow Falls, Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, Summit Village, and more.

This April and September, IPS Director Rowan Gillson will be leading a fabulous team of photographers in hosting Prizewinning Photography and Prizewinning Photography 2 workshops. Whether this is your first photographic experience or you’re looking to enhance your already prodigious skills, we’re confident that you’ll love this location and these workshops!



Prizewinning Photography—September 12-16, 2011

Prizewinning Photography 2—September 19-23, 2011


Location. Summit Ministries 928 Osage Ave. Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Tuition. $565 (Includes lunch and dinner, M-F; Receive $120 off for September workshops by registering before August 1! Regular price $685)

Housing. $200 (Sunday evening through Saturday morning, includes breakfast)

Workshop Leaders. Rowan Gillson, Jocelyn Gillson



PWP September 12-16. Register by August 1 and save $120!

Housing Option


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Workshop Venue.

Classes will be in an 1880s-era hotel on the campus of Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, CO. Students requiring accommodation will stay on location. In April, the housing will be in two houses in Summit Village, and in September housing will be in dorm-like rooms accomodating 2-4 persons at the Summit Hotel. All rooming is with persons of the same gender. IPS will be managing the assigning and distribution of rooms. Students staying over the weekend to participate in multiple workshops will incur an additional $50 charge for the extra night and meals. This can be paid at the workshop.


Transportation at the Workshop.

All of our workshops require a great deal of walking, but we will also be using vans or buses to allow students and instructors to reach photo assignments and destinations. Commuting students may need to provide their own transportation to shoot locations.


Airport Shuttles.

Our housing is just about 30 minutes from the Colorado Springs Regional Airport (COS). IPS staff will be able to make several trips to this airport only (not Denver!) throughout the day before and after each workshop. It is possible to arrange a shuttle ride from DEN to COS for about $50 (Colorado Springs Shuttle). Please contact the IPS office with your travel plans and to arrange your shuttle details.


Dress Code.

In order to maintain professional decorum, workshop attendees are requested to abide by the following guidelines for the duration of the course.

  • Casual, modest-fitting slacks, jeans or skirts at least knee-length when sitting
  • Athletic pants or shorts for free time and recreation
  • Clean-cut polo shirts, button-down shirts, or t-shirts free of obnoxious graphics or writing
  • Comfortable shoes for extended periods of walking

These are not intended to guide your choice of clothing at home, but rather to promote a consistent standard for those attending our workshops.

Manitou Springs is notorious for its moody weather swings. In past years we have had sunny days with 80 degree temperatures followed by rainy days with temperatures in the 30s. April weather will be cooler, with temperatures averaging in the 40’s and 50’s with fluctuations on either side. Please bring warm clothes and ensure that your wardrobe will accomodate a variety of weather possibilities!


Special Concerns.

We are committed to doing all we can to provide special assistance to anyone needing extra help with the material covered or assistance with the various learning exams given throughout the week. If special consideration is necessary, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please contact Jocelyn Gillson via email or phone at 503.459.9871 if you have any additional questions.



Select whether you will be commuting to class each day or staying on campus with the IPS instructors and register now!


PWP September 12-16. Register by August 1 and save $120!

Housing Option

By clicking “Buy Now” you are agreeing to be bound by the fine print!


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