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PWP and Operation Mobilization!

Christian Photography


It’s true! IPS and Operation Mobilization are teaming up to offer a Prizewinning Photography workshop on the outskirts of Atlanta. This workshop will follow the excellent curriculum we’ve developed for PWP but include some bonus material on missions and missions photography.

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Dates. May 16-20, 2011

Location. Operation Mobilization USA HQ


Tuition. $835 – Includes lunch and dinner, M-F

Housing: $125 (Sunday evening through Saturday morning, includes breakfast)

Workshop Leaders: Rowan Gillson, Jocelyn Gillson, Sarah Danaher





Housing Option

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The Latest from IPS

Christian Photography


I have to admit… three consecutive days of sunshine in Portland is making me a bit giddy. That, and working on taxes for far too long, has made me really excited to write about all the upcoming IPS adventures that YOU are invited to! Here’s the list…

Skillet, Superchick, and Pulse
Jocelyn and I just booked our tickets yesterday for a college outreach event in Wisconsin featuring Skillet, Superchick, and evangelist Nick Hall. We are taking two all-access-pass interns with us to learn the ins and outs of large event photography on the job. One of these slots is already taken, but there’s still one left!

We’re always on the hunt for fabulous locations to take you around the world, and Italy is one of the best. Join us for 12 days in June as we photograph Rome, Cinque Terre, Venice, and Florence. Only 5 spots remain for this fabulous PhotoEx!

Prizewinning Photography

Have you been to Prizewinning Photography yet? That’s the big question for budding photographers. This workshop is simply the best for gaining a solid understanding of the key aspects of photography. We have workshops on the calendar for April and September in Colorado, but we’re looking to add Georgia in May, Minnesota at the end of June, Portland in July, and San Antonio in November. Already attended? That’s OK! Come back and receive a 50% discount on tuition!

Prizewinning Photography 2
Technology changes fast and so has this workshop. Come to PWP2 and you won’t be left behind on the photography roller coaster. Workshops are currently open for registration in Colorado for April and September. We’re planning to add Portland in August and San Antonio in November.

Portraiture and Lighting
This workshop is a must for anyone who wants to make some money doing portraits or weddings. We’ve got a great line-up of instructors for our P&L workshop in Colorado in September. We’re also hoping to add a second P&L this year in Portland in August.


Yup, that’s right! You’ve always wanted it, and we’re finally doing it. We’re still in the final detail stages, but IPS will be offering  internships for wedding and event photography this year. We’ll be sure to let you know more as it happens!




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