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NZ2010 Update | Krissy Pucek

16 November 2010

Tonight marked our last night in New Zealand. It is amazing how God has worked in every individual on the team during the last two and a half weeks. He has used the beauty of our surroundings to inspire us.  The majesty and grandeur of the mountains are captivating, but the wonder at our Savior is even more so when we realize that He can move these mountains!


This has been a time of healing, affirmation, and growth for every one of us. Each of us has our own story to tell. Where we come from and where are going in life greatly differ. But now we head to Fiji, unified as a team. During the first week we learned to work together in small teams to accomplish projects. During the second week we learned to live together, in small camper vans.


We see each other’s strengths and weaknesses and know better how to work together toward a common goal. Our prayer for our time in Fiji is that we would know how and when to use our cameras. That we would be His instruments, in whatever way He chooses, not the way we think we should. That we would leave images behind with these ministries that they can use to impact lives and further the kingdom of God.


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NZ2010 Update | Katherine Meinicke

15 November 2010

Today was our last morning camping. After breakfast we spent an hour by ourselves and God. The shore with views of gorgeous blue lake and snow capped mountains was the perfect place to reflect on the week.


After that we packed up the campers and headed down the road. I’m pretty sure I was in the party camper. There was singing and even some dancing most of the way to Christchurch. At the hostel we unloaded the campers to the rooms. Rooms where we had our very own beds might I add. Whoohoo! After that we had free time till dinner. Some walked to the grocery store. I spent the time uploading and editing photos. Jocelyn, Sarah and the kitchen crew made us a fabulous pasta salad for dinner.


Around nine o’clock we walked downtown to the cathedral for a night shoot. The Christchurch Cathedral was almost torn down due to damage during the earthquake. I’m so glad it wasn’t. The light pouring from stained glass windows was beautiful. A street musician played his songs from the steps in front the church. Some kids did stunts on their bikes in the square as people walked through. We scurried around finding different angles to take photos.  After that we walked further on to the art center. The art center has a courtyard with a shallow pool surrounded by old stone buildings and archways. The night shoot was definitely my favorite part of the day.


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NZ2010 Update | Michelle Eng

14 November 2010

Today we left Queenstowne and drove through some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life!  Mountain ranges and lakes raced side by side, the sky was such a rich, deep blue, and the clouds were so white and puffy. I pulled my camera out and shot way too many photos. There was no way I would ever begin to do God’s creation justice on my camera. I did play with my polarizing filter a lot, and really enjoyed learning how to use it better.


Along the journey, I discovered more deeply how wonderful the grace of Jesus’ blood is. I discovered how uplifting and freeing Christian fellowship is. I also learned that God is enough when nothing else is, and, as hard as it may be, I have to strengthen my relationship with Him. He’s the only one that knows it all.


I learned that I can’t ever get life right on my own. It is there that the blood meets guilt. “Hallelujah, grace like rain, falls down on me; Hallelujah, all my stains are washed away.” My prayer is that I would engraft that truth into my soul so I believe it with all of my heart. My heart’s cry is that I would be willing to be used by God for the purpose for which He created me, whatever it takes, and whatever it costs me. I am His instrument, and a guitar that stays in the case all the time can never be used to make a beautiful song. Also, I can’t just let the Master play 4 strings…I have to give Him all 6…all of my heart, soul, mind, strength, will, and emotions. It is only when He has all of me that I am truly useful to Him. God is good—the New Zealand journey may be almost over, but it is only the beginning of another journey for me…a journey to the center of God’s heart for me.

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NZ2010 Update | Lara Newman

13 November 2010

Today was our free day in Queenstown! We all had lots of activities to choose from. Some people went skydiving, bungy jumping, jet boating, on helicopter rides, horse ride tours, or paragliding. I went paragliding with three other girls. What an experience!


Paragliding was so peaceful. I thought it was going to be scary having to jump off a cliff, but it was all just a lot of fun! After you run off the edge of the hill, you just sit and enjoy the ride! I took lots of video and photos with my point and shoot camera. It was about a 15 min. ride down. The scenery is amazing around Queenstown. Along with the beauty of the landscape, God has been giving us great weather this whole trip. Unusually nice for the south island this time of year.


After everyones adventures, we explored the city, and did some shopping for souvenirs. There was a neat market in the morning and early afternoon that had some great deals! It’s great to see how much the team is growing, and how good of friends we’re all becoming, and how much we like hanging out together. After shopping we topped off the day with a dinner of Fish and Chips!


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PWP Group Photo Manitou Springs 2010

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