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Manitou Springs PWP2 – Day 3

I’m baffled at how easy it was for me to wake up this morning at 5:00 AM. Perhaps it was my anticipation to shoot sunrise/portraits at Garden of the Gods. I was highly motivated to learn more about lighting and putting what I had learned so far into practice.

Sunrise shooting was a marvelous experience. I never realized how beautifully complex and tedious morning light can be. The yellow orange highlights, and blue green shadows. Angular light. Soft shadows. God’s creation is so exquisite I was amazed at the beauty that was surrounding me. However, reflecting these vivid colors in my images were a bit more difficult that I had imagined.  Estimating reflector and flash placing involves a lot of estimation, but it was none the less enjoyable and I can’t wait to do some morning shoots when I get home. 

The remainder of the day consisted of learning how to edit out images by the use Lightroom, a fabulous photo editing program. It was challenging yet wonderful. I also loved the creativity we got to incorporate during our postcard assignment. It gave me room for application in the photoshop world ( one of my main struggles). 

I’m really motivated to applying everything I’ve learned so far this week and what I have yet to learn from PWP2!

-Ivanna Robles


Christa Sue Photography Postcard1.jpg

First place post card design by Christa Lind



Runner-up Postcard design by Anna Montgomery




Runner-up Postcard design by Rachel Savage


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Manitou Springs PWP2 – Day 2

Today has been another intense day—full of classroom instruction, critique, and actual shooting.  This morning we spent several hours diving into Photoshop Elements.  I was amazed how much there is to know and how much you can do with it.  We all worked on recreating a postcard with several different layers, and after a lot of hard work it finally started to come together.

After lunch, we learned about the intricacies of outdoor portraiture.  Light, location and posing were the three main elements we covered.  Posing has always been challenging for me, so it was great to cover three main poses in detail, and then attempt to recreate them in class.

This afternoon found us at Rainbow Falls putting into practice the elements of outdoor portraiture we had just learned.  We divided up into teams of three and had to shoot several specific poses from different angles.  It was definitely challenging, but also really fun.

PWP2 has been a.m.a.z.i.n.g, and I’m looking forward to several more equally amazing days!

-Toni Maisano



Simple speed shoot winner by Ivanna Robles




Simple speed shoot runner up by Tim Allison.

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Manitou Springs PWP2 – Day 1

Today was the beginning of another week in Hippie Central (otherwise known as, Manitou Springs, CO).  After worship, and an inspiring message from Dr. Jeff Meyers about leadership, we began learning about  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 and digitial processing. The information was a little overwhelming, but as we continue putting our skills (or lack thereof) into practice, we will improve. 

Soon after, we began to learn about the different uses of light, and how it affects our photography. Our skills were put to the test when we were given assignments to shoot still life (such as candy, candles, and coffee) using an external flash and other creative lighting.

The next assignment was to shoot purity rings and necklaces for Generations of Virture. We were put into groups of two, and had about 2 ½ hours to create 12 images that had the possibility to be advertised on their  website. Through that experience, we learned about perseverance and working together to do your best to create images that are excellent.

Over all, this seemed to be more of a challenging day for us. We didn’t realize just how much thought goes into creating a great image, and are enjoy learning more about photography from a Christian point of view, with other Christians. After PWP 1, we are super excited about starting PWP 2! Throughout this past week, we have truly appreciated all the instructors here and their willingness to minister to us in this way. Thank you so much!!

-Danielle Denner & Caroline Rodgers


Old Speedshoot Contest Winner by Brad Hicks

Old Speedshoot winner by Brad Hicks


The collection below was created during the evening project by students Christa Lind and Sara Burns to help promote the ministry and purity rings of Generations of Virture.





















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Manitou Springs PWP – Group Photo

PWP Group Photo Manitou Springs 2010

Prizewinning Photography Manitou Springs Group Photo by Christina Dickson

Click above to download the high res version.

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Manitou Springs PWP – Day 3


Today was probably my favorite day during the PWP course so far. 

Our first session of the day enlightened my comprehension of black and white photography. I’ve always had an affinity for black and white, but this session expounded on what exactly it is about this style of photography that I like. Then we were off to Old Colorado City to try it out for ourselves, which was a blast.

The day continued with learning portraiture. We experimented with reflector tools and I was amazed at the difference in my photos. Learning how to capture the expressions of people around me gave me a new excitement about the artistic medium of photography.

To wrap up this inspiring day of thinking and creating, our class was privileged  to hear the testimony of D. Shun Luoi Fong’s journey through Haiti, Peru, and finding God’s purpose for photography in his own life. 

I was so blessed and inspired by the tutors and lessons today!

-Bethany Pace


Picture of the Day by Anna Montgomery @ IPS

Picture of the Day by Anna Montgomery


Touristy contest winner by Anna Montgomery @ IPS

Touristy contest winner by Anna Montgomery


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