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Portland PWP – Class Picture

It was a great week, a fabulous group, and here’s the proof! Class picture


PWP44 Group photo by Will Thornton

PWP44 Group Photo by Will Thornton


Download the full res version:

PWP44 Group Photo Hi-res




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Portland PWP2 – Day 2

It’s my second week of IPS here in Portland… can I just say I LOVE this class?! The atmosphere is open and relaxed, even with the intense busyness of constantly learning new information and completing assignments. The growth I am seeing in my skills really excites me!

Our morning started off with the leadership/devotional session, which sets a great tone and focus for the day, and then Rowan took us through the basics of image editing in Adobe Lightroom. It was great to fully explore all of the available options further. Jocelyn’s assignment of a speed shoot mid-morning quickly remedied our sleepy eyes…I love how our instructors change the pace up at just the right time!

Hannah showed us three basic portrait poses in the afternoon. We tried them out for ourselves in the classroom… laughing much as the guys attempted to relate to the girly poses. :) Feeling better equipped for success, we set off to our on location portrait shoot, where we encountered some great light and urban backdrops. 

Still finding the process of portraits somewhat frustrating to my perfectionist eye, I was not entirely enthused about review & critique after dinner. But true to form, this was once again my favorite part of the day! The one-on-one feedback and personal time invested by our instructors is truly meaningful and effective. I left very encouraged by the realization that I have made tangible steps forward. That’s the best kind of day any student of life could ask for. =)


-IPS Student Hannah Lefchik


"My Favorite" Speed Shoot winner by Michael Korsholm @ IPS

“My Favorite” Speed Shoot winner by Michael Korsholm

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Portland PWP2 – Day 1

Monday. Wow. It was great.  A challenging day for me, but it was great at the same time because I learned some really great stuff. Like eating humble pie.

After going through workflow in Lightroom in the morning we got to do some fun still life with our flash during the afternoon. Very much my weak spot, something I like to ignore 😉  My flash had some problems and we got a little behind schedule, which meant that we had less time to do our assignment,  didn’t turn out like we wanted it to.  Which is where the nice little serving of humble pie came it.

I wanted Hannah to feel for us, cut us some slack, let me keep my pity party. But… Hannah was amazing. Thanks for being real! It was probably the best thing that I learned during today. Even though I learned some great things with my flash, how amazing it is off camera, how it can go wireless, how super reflectors are, my best lesson today was sucking things up and dealing with life.

That’s the biggest thing that I’ve appreciated about IPS. I’ve done some other photography classes and workshops, and things just aren’t the same when the Lord of my life isn’t involved. For one you just can’t do everything on your own. And for two, my photography should be second to Him. And the instructors at IPS are really good at making that clear. 


-IPS Student Kelley Kossan


Lines Speed Shoot Winner by Ana Marie Ort @ IPS

Lines Speed Shoot Winner by Ana Marie Ort


Canon 50D Product shot by Hannah Lefchik and Corrie Ladd

Canon 50D Product Shot by Hannah Lefchik and Corrie Ladd

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Portland PWP – Day 5

It’s hard to believe that today was the last day of Prize Winning Photography 1 here in Portland!! It has been an incredible week of learning, not only about photography, but about being a good leader and about our relationship with God.

This morning we had one more session with the fabulous Hannah, which was all about the basics of Digital Imaging.  Then the moment we had all been waiting for… We got a chance to review our prints from Thursday’s portrait shoot at the Riverfront!! It’s interesting how when you know that your pictures are going to be printed you put a lot more time and thought into each one…

In the afternoon, Rowan gave us a quick lesson on Macro photography which was pretty much “epic!” ?

We ended the day at the Edlin family’s house with a time of fellowship. God’s awesome handiwork was the only backdrop as we spent time around a fire watching the stars come out and singing praise and worship songs together.  

This has been an amazing experience!  What a privilege to interact with fellow believers from all over the US who just happen to share one common passion… Photography!! On behalf of all of my fellow “students”, I want to thank Rowan, Will, and Hannah for the patience they showed while investing their time into our lives this week!


-IPS Student Aryn Sturgeon


Macro Contest winner by Sarah Klacik @ IPS

Macro Contest Winner by Sarah Klacik

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Portland PWP – Day 4

Light. Faces. EYES! Those are some of my favorite things about shooting portraits. This morning we headed down to the river  to watch Will and Hannah shoot some client portrait sessions. It was great to learn from the way they interact with their clients as well as hear them share with us their thought process as they posed the client(s). The absolute best part of the day for me was attempting to put into practice what I have learned so far this week, and applying it to portraiture. There is simply nothing more rewarding than capturing emotion in someone’s eyes, smile, or the way they pose.

The second half of the day was mostly focused on landscape, but also included a session on communicating with our images. The potential for impact with a “simple” photograph really gets me pumped up!

After supper we went back to the river for some landscape shots of the Portland skyline. I underestimated the potential for this particular landscape. It felt like we were all shooting at the same bridge, the same buildings, the same river. How were we going to each get original shots? Needless to say,  I was pretty impressed by the variety and just general amazing-ness of the shots I saw from various ones in the class.

The worst part of the day was the moment when it hit me like a Portland biker how fast the week is going. Tomorrow is the last day!


-IPS Student Kaylene Ball


Picture of the Day by Mig Whitt @ IPS

Picture of the Day by Mig Whitt


Portland Posing by Joelle Lucas @ IPS

Portland Posing by Joelle Lucas


Morrison Bridge by Ashley Millington @ IPS

Morrison Bridge by Ashley Millington

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