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Reunion Update

IPS is turning 10!

Some more details are in… Thursday, July 15th is going to be Beach Day! We’ll leave the IPS Campus at 10am for the Oregon Coast where we’ll hang out and shoot for the day. Come evening (weather permitting) we’ll build a big bonfire or two and roast marshmallows as we watch the sun set and look for the green flash. Don’t forget your camera, sunscreen, tripod and wetsuit (this water’s COLD!).

Check out the full details… IPS 10 Year Reunion

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PWP2:San Antonio | Day 5 – Friday

PWP2:San Antonio | Day 5 – Friday

As I look back over the past two weeks I laugh inside thinking of all the learning and growing that has taken place in my life. I mean, before I came to IPS I didn’t even know what a dSLR was, even though I owned one! My brain has never felt so overloaded with information and I am so excited to go home and apply my new skills, and to see how God uses my photography for His glory.

Starbucks, church in the Laundromat, constant laughing, roaches, amazing food, sketchy & legit are just a few of the things that will never be forgotten about these two weeks.

IPS, thank you for giving me the best two weeks of my life – it was worth every penny!

Mr. Rob-o and Sarah, thanks for everything…you are the bomb!

-Kira Shupe


Final Projects


Final Project by Aeriel Willis

Aeriel Willis


Final Project by Allison Marshall

Allison Marshall


Final Project by Amanda Mulder

Amanda Mulder


Final Project by Angelina Gonzales

Angelina Gonzales


Final Project by Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall


Final Project by Datia MacLearn

Datia MacLearn


Final Project by Hailey Huggins

Hailey Huggins


Final Project by Kira Shupe

Kira Shupe


Final Project by Meagan Wanschura

Meagan Wanschura

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Happy Birthday IPS!!

IPS is turning 10!

[shhh…] Will won’t let me tell you everything yet, but I REALLY wanted to tell you SOMETHING so… here’s what you get for now… :-) [Rowan…]


Portraiture & Lighting—July 5-9, 2010

DSLR Video—July 5-9, 2010

IPS 10 Year Reunion—July 12-16, 2010

Prizewinning Photography—July 19-23, 2010

Prizewinning Photography 2—July 26-30, 2010



Cascade College

9101 East Burnside Street

Portland, OR 97216




Overnight Students

Registration: $150

Housing/Facility Fee: $300 (includes breakfast, lunch, & dinner)

Total: $450 per week


Commuting Students

Registration: $150

Facility Fee: $125 (includes lunch and dinner M-F)

Total: $275/week


The Event

The IPS birthday party is all about the people who make up IPS… you! It’s a full week of getting to hang out with new and old friends who also love Jesus, photography and IPS. You’ll have to pick and choose what you’d like to do, whether it’s just hanging out on campus and chatting with friends or tackling asdfiosdf sdfigposdkl; [<— cool stuff was there, but I had to hide it…] in an epic asdofif, rain or shine!

Each day will start with morning devotions and wrap up with a time of worship followed by a “what they’re doing now” presentation from one of your favorite instructors. In between, you’re on your own. Join a work group, get some feedback, and finish up a project you’ve been working on forever. Attend a mini-workshop on studio, portraits, photoshop, or who knows what for an hour or two. Slip off to Multnomah falls for a couple hours of waterfall action while enjoying the Oregon forest. Grab your friends and whip up a game of Ultimate Frisbee or Volleyball to give someone a chance to grab some practice at sports photography. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring your favoite stuff! We want to have a big ‘ol gallery of YOUR work to show off… have it printed, mounted, framed, whatever you like, and ship it ahead or bring it with you.

  • Morning Devotions
  • EveningWorship
  • 2 daily workshops
  • Akdoi kldfgoi dfskrfinbdk
  • Ksionf posk pgionfks [<— here too…]
  • Multnomah Falls Shoot (4 hours – $10)
  • Downtown Portland Shoot (public trans ride away!)
  • Student & Instructor Gallery
  • Photo Contest
  • Portfolio Review
  • 2 minute shows
  • 15 minute shows
  • Evening Presentation
  • Project workspace
  • Cook out
  • Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball
  • Wedding picture slideshows
  • IPS Coffee Shop (What’s a medium Rowan?)

The People

This 10-Year Anniversary Bash is going to be attended by some of your favorite IPS Instructors:


Party Venue

Events and housing will be on the campus of Cascade College in Portland, OR. Cascade College closed its doors as an institution in 2009, but has leased its beautiful campus to IPS for the month of July. Dorms, classrooms, student center, and a large soccer field will provide a perfect setting for your next photographic adventure!

Students requiring accomodation will stay in gender segregated dorms. Please note that you WILL NEED to bring your own bedding and towels! IPS will be managing the assigning and distribution of rooms. Registration for housing can be done through Will Thornton. Please contact him with any questions or special rooming requests as well. Students staying over the weekend to participate in multiple workshops will incur an additional $50 charge for the extra night and meals.


Transportation at the Reunion

asdfkl;kip kfg pik dskfnopsdf, glk;kdsfion kdskfi ddkjgfiw k dgiosddk dgfionw dfios ,w,kwoa kfg jios wekonew dgjisdo a wkone pfidk jogs ekwo aid iojgske.

Are you hoping to do more in the area? You’re welcome to drive or rent a car. We’ve got plenty of free parking!


Airport Shuttles

Our housing is just about 15 minutes from the Portland International Airport (PDX). IPS staff will be able to make several trips to this airport only throughout the day before and after each workshop. Please contact the IPS office with your travel plans and to arrange your shuttle details.


What about the dress code?

In order to maintain professional decorum, reunion attendees are requested to abide by the following guidelines for the duration of the course.

  • Casual, modest-fitting slacks, jeans or skirts at least knee-length when sitting
  • Athletic pants or shorts for free time and recreation
  • Clean-cut polo shirts, button-down shirts, or t-shirts free of obnoxious graphics or writing
  • Comfortable shoes for extended periods of walking

These are not intended to guide your choice of clothing at home, but rather to promote a consistent standard for those attending our workshops.


Special Concerns

We are committed to doing all we can to provide special assistance to anyone needing extra help with the material covered or assistance with the various learning exams given throughout the week. If special consideration is necessary, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please contact Will Thornton if you have any additional questions.



Registration [Yup! You can sign up… even now!]

Download our PDF registration form: Portland Registration PDF

Please ensure you have read the fine print!

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Prizewinning Photography 2 San Antonio Group Photo

Prizewinning Photography 2 San Antonio Group Photo

PWP2-19 Group Photo

PWP2_19 Group Photo by Rob Bennett

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Prizewinning Photography San Antonio Group Photo

Prizewinning Photography San Antonio Group Photo

PWP43 Group Photo

PWP43 Group Photo by Rob Bennett

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