PhotoEx:Ireland | Day 9

I must say I was rather excited that I was put on blog today, because we had the most epic day in the history of mankind. Today we went to The Burren and, (my absolute favorite thing of the trip so far) the Cliffs of Moher. And I wish I could display the beauty of the scape, but I am never going to be able to show you the real beauty in my photography, if you really want to soak in the true masterpiece, you will have to go see it yourself.

Irish Abbey by Madey Edlin

We started the day at a 12th century abbey, that was amazing, the sun was shining, which made all us photographers happy.  Then we moved into the Burren land of Ireland, a space of land where there is nothing but flat rocks covering the earth. Edmund Ludlow explained the Burren as, “(Burren) is a country where there is not enough water to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury him…… ” It really is amazing, the hills look like they have been paved. There is nothing but rocks for miles. The first thing we stopped at in the Burren was the Poulnabrone portal tomb, where approximately 44 people were buried with their treasure, it dates back to around 4200 BC to 2900 BC.  

Poulnabrone Portal Tomb by Madey Edlin

Then we went to The Cliffs of Moher, and that was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. They are 712 feet tall, with a crazy blue ocean crashing at their base, and green grass growing on the tops. This was one the most amazing masterpiece that God has created, at least that I have seen so far.

Cliffs of Moher

Then the day was topped off by a heard of sheep on the road, blocking the traffic, another highlight of the trip, and a bowl of Irish stew in Galway. Yes, you should be here.

Madey Edlin by Rowan Gillson

Madey Edlin

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