PhotoEx:Ireland | Day 8

Ireland… yes I can’t believe it…I’M IN IRELAND! WOOT WOOT!! 😀  One thing that has surprised me on this trip is the fact that it’s warm(ish) and sunny instead of cold and rainy.

PhotoEx:Ireland by Sara Hutton

Ok so you want to hear about our day??

Well after eating a sweet breakfast of frosted flakes and toast ( ohh so nutritious…and tasty) we got into our respective “vans”  and bolted out of Tralee.

PhotoEx:Ireland by Sara Hutton

After making a “quick” stop at a fake wind mill, for the people in Steve the Lemur, we headed to the cute little town of Dingle.

We made our way down the peninsula, stopping along the way to take fantastical photographs in typical IPS fashion.

PhotoEx:Ireland by Sara Hutton

After returning to Dingle to do some shopping we rushed off to catch a ferry to get us across the river Shannon.

Now, I’m sitting in the Rowan Tree Hostel in the town of Ennis becoming more excited by the minute for what adventures lay ahead.?

Sara Hutton by Rowan Gillson

Good Night from Ireland!

I wonder just how many pubs are in Ireland??

Sara Hutton

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