PhotoEx:Ireland | Day 6

I’m not sure what I can say that would adequately describe to you our day in Ireland! It is simply beyond my power of the written word. So let me begin by telling you that I for one am feeling VERY BLESSED to be here and enjoy the glory of God that surrounds us here in Ireland.  Watching the sun sparkle on the Atlantic Ocean as we traveled the coast line today was an experience, that I NEVER want to forget. Today I pondered God’s grace and goodness to me specifically. At the last minute before this trip I was faced with the difficult decision of possibly having to stay behind. In God’s goodness he brought me on this journey despite all the difficulties.  As I have made this journey and begun my trip God has blessed me with his unending grace and provided me with the strength I have needed to get through everyday. Today I was blessed with not just getting through my day, but He also granted me the ability to truly enjoy my day to the fullest. It is a breathtaking feeling to KNOW God is holding you in His hands and carrying you along every step of the way.

PhotoEx:Ireland by Kristina Cowan

Today we drove along in “Faster” (the current name of our car according to Judson), across the coastline with Judson capably guiding us along with some help from Kennan, and Mabel (GPS). I have decided that “Faster” is the awesomest car to be in on this trip. 😉 We stopped at many scenic spots along the way around the coastline… I would say today was all about the journey, and not the destination, which was amazing! I fell in love with the coast here… I would LOVE to live here!
We made a stop at Staige Fort, it was built around 1300 B.C. It was comprised of large flattish rocks all piled on top. It was very interesting. I loved sitting and thinking about the people that built it and life might have been like way back then. I can’t IMAGINE how long it took to stack all the rocks the way they did… must have taken a LOT of perseverance!

Today was a day of learning for me as well. It was my first day to ever try shooting HDR. I had a blast figuring it out and trying to practice. So, you all will be getting to see my first HDR photo EVER!

PhotoEx:Ireland by Kristina Cowan

Once we arrived in Portmagee for the night Sara Q took Rowan and Jocelyn out to take engagement pictures right before sunset… I for one, can’t WAIT to see how they turned out because I know they are going to be AMAZING! At sunset we all headed to the beach to enjoy the perfect hour lighting, even if it was a tad cold.
As I sit here and think back on the day, I think the thought I would like to leave you with is this. Can you see God around you? Are you taking the time to stop, appreciate, and give Him the glory for all that He is doing in you and around you? If not, I urge you to stop and take the time to do this. There is nothing so dear as to be able to feel His presence surround you and shine around you through the glory of all that He has made. Your life will never be the same!

PhotoEx:Ireland by Kristina Cowan

Kristina Cowan

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