PhotoEx:Ireland | Day 5

Today we started out in Kilkenny, Ireland, such a cool place! This town of twenty thousand, about two hours from Dublin, was our first one night stop of the trip. So the day started out with us all stuffing ourselves in two very small Europe style cars, and if you know Europe, that means bags on lap if you want to fit in the car. After a little bit we left Kilkenny-three hour road trip thru Ireland ahead fun fun fun!

Rock of Cashel by Daniel Walsh

Our stop before going to our hostel was the castle of Cashel. Wow, this place words could not explain! The moment you looked at the castle you are awe struck, truly incredible, and when something is truly incredible that means your photos are going to be awesome.

Rock of Cashel by Daniel Walsh

And that’s how my awesome day in the castle of Cashel went awesome.

Kilkenny by Daniel Walsh

Daniel Walsh by Rowan Gillson

Daniel Walsh

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