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Returning to Manitou Springs

Returning to Manitou Springs


Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, CO

IPS is bringing Prizewinning Photography and Prizewinning Photography 2 back to our Summit Ministries home in Manitou Springs, CO! Check it out at:

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Have you been yet?

Have you been yet?


PWP2 Promo


I just posted information on the Prizewinning Photography 2 workshop that’s coming up in San Antonio in May. It made me wonder if YOU’VE been to a PWP2 yet…

Here’s why I think you should come: PWP2 is all the stuff we would love to teach you at Prizewinning Photography but just don’t have the time to include. At PWP we spend all our time working with the camera itself, but as you well know, we live in a digital world where those images have to go from camera to computer to somewhere else if they’re going to us any good at all. That’s what the first half of PWP2 is all about! You’ll learn the best ways to get pictures to your computer, where to put them, what to call them, and how NOT to lose them. Ever. Oh, and don’t forget about editing, it’s a key part of creating images. We’ll use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements to turn what came out of your camera into what you envisioned in your mind’s eye and even get into some basic design elements and ideas.

Second part? It’s about people and lighting. We’ll show you how to use your flash to get phenomenal lighting that you never dreamed was possible from that “black box” in your hand. Weather permitting, we’ll play around with low light photography during sunrise or sunset. And to top it all off, we’ll continue to explore portraiture by adding some new poses and combining them with all that you’ve figure out about lighting throughout the week.

I’m sure you’re sold by now, but just in case you’re not… this is IPS, the place you go to Encouter God, Discover Vision, and Photograph Life. We’re here to make each of those a reality in your life through personal interaction with photographers who are masters of their craft and passionate about living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You don’t want to miss out on PWP2…



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