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On Location Portraits

On Location Portaits

IPS Director Rowan Gillson has posted a nice tutorial and some fabulous imagery at: Be sure to check it out!


Elise Soniat on Franz Josef Glacier

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Michelle on IPS Camera Straps…

Michelle on IPS Camera Straps

I’ve had my eye on those amazing straps for the last month, and my camera will be quite proud to wear one:-) It’s not about whether I shoot Canon or Nikon anymore…it’s about using what I have to shoot for God, and that’s what IPS stands for to me :-)

Order yours today!

-IPS Student Michelle Eng

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NZ2010 Update | Madi Conrad

23 November 2010

It’s hard to describe the busyness of this airport terminal. People rushing around, millions of stories, business men with suitcases, families going on vacation, couples on their honeymoon, all kinds of people and backgrounds. It’s hard to be surrounded with so many people and feel an ache of loneliness as all my New Zealand family has gone. I’m one of just a few left in the airport as I prepare for my flight home. It’s hard to believe this month is over.


Last night we said goodbye to most of our beloved instructors and 10 hours later we landed in LA and said a tearful goodbye again. How God put such an incredible team together, I’ll never know. None of us have ever been on a team like this one. No gossiping, no fights, no cliques. It’s give and take, love and be real, loyalty and laughter all around. Saying goodbye to something so special is incredibly bittersweet. But we are sending each other out to storm the gates of hell. We’ll keep in touch, we’ll challenge each other to run the race. We’ll be there for each other and remind one another of just how big our God really is. No it will probably never be “the same”, but Lord willing, it will be better as we go forth and share what we have learned with those around us.


Yesterday, after a month of pushing ourselves beyond what we thought we could handle, of our leaders challenging our beliefs, our ideals, our priorities, and going out as salt and light in the world, we got a day to enjoy blue water, a sailboat, and our own little island under the beautiful Fijian sun. It was such needed time to get ready for coming home. And now here we go…back into our “normal” lives, as different people. Ready for battles and victories, for lives to be changed and God to be glorified. Thank You, God, for an incredible, life changing month.


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NZ2010 Update | Courtney Martin

22 November 2010

Today is the 2nd to last day of our journey. As our trip comes to a conclusion I’ve been pondering all of the events that have taken place throught the past few weeks. All of the fun times we’ve had and all of the harder situations we’ve encountered. If I had to sum up what this trip has taught me I don’t think I could, Because each day has brought a new challenge and a new perspective to God’s world.


But I know what’s on my heart now, what God is dealing with me about today. And that is that as I head home I am encouraged that I can be more than mediocure. Infact none of us are even called to be mediocure, but we are called to change worlds. I used to think that to make a difference in the world I had to travel it. And that I love to do! I want to travel any chance I get. I was praying about mission work and God dropped this thought in my head, that I hope everyone gets to travel & go places they’ve never been and see things they’ve never seen.


But at the end of the day it’s not about what you’ve seen or where you’ve been, it’s about what you did while you were there.

I can be a world changer if I never leave the states again, and that’s my encouragement as I leave. I came on this trip with the hope that God would reveal His plan for me, or you could say my life calling. I probably have a “big picture” calling for my life that I haven’t figured out yet. But a calling over all of our lifes is to be a walking testimony of the gospel everyday, and in every situation. I’m excited to see how God will use each of the people from this NZ trip becuase I saw this being acted out everyday thru them. We saw some crazy beautiful things! But more than any of it I will remember the conversations & the people we encountered… and the people who encountered us.


Was this trip hard? Most deffinately.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.


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Top Gear for Christmas

Top Gear for Christmas

IPS is pleased to feature two exciting new products this Christmas! 



The IPS women’s softshell jacket by REI

The women’s NEO jacket by REI is an amazing blend of comfort and outdoor performance. Its soft inside is meshed to a flexible yet sturdy exterior that is water resistant and windproof up to 55mph. Soft, sturdy, stretching… sweet! It’s the perfect companion for your less-than-toasty-warm photo shoots—keeping you warm and looking good! Our starting stock is only 6, so be sure to order yours ASAP!! (Compare at for $109!!!)




IPS Camera Strap

This standard length camera strap features the IPS logo and our mantra: “encounter God. discover vision. photograph life.” Made of a tight weave fabric on one side and a slip-free rubber grip on the other, this is the perfect upgrade to that Canon or Nikon strap that came with your camera!



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