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Monday, September 29, 2009 | Pixel This

Here’s a peek at the projects Pixel This students accomplished on Monday!


Personal 5×7 Card

By Aarin Carrillo


Personal 5×7 Card

By Aaron Meinicke


Personal 5×7 Card

By Bethany Harlin


Personal 5×7 Card

By Bradee Becker


Personal 5×7 Card

By Jonathan Sloat


Personal 5×7 Card

By Katherine Meinicke


Personal 5×7 Card

By Pilar Casamayor


Personal 5×7 Card

By Sarah Eddy

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Monday, September 29, 2009 | Pixel This

Brilliant sun rays filled my bedroom as I woke on this beautiful, yet chilly day in Colorado. What better way is there than to start a day of photography feeling refreshed and inspired as beautiful sunrise unfolds outside your window? It was a perfect start for me.

From there the beat of the day started; Breakfast. Student portraits. Bible study… and then, on to classes! With Mandy and Daniel as the instructors we dove into our first day of Pixel This. Resolution, layers, simple masking, grayscale, channels, tones, levels, curves, shortcuts were the main things covered today. Pure amazingness!

This afternoon we were sent downtown Manitou Springs, CO for a shooting assignment to work with different ISO’s, Quality, and Image sizes. Each and every student seemed to enjoy the time outside and came back with energy and excitement to learn more! It was amazing.

As the evening came we all had projects due. We worked hard on our projects as we also laughed and enjoyed the evening. Photoshop and IPS friends always make for a stellar time. You know things are going great when a full day of class ends at 10pm but everyone still hangs out as late as possible enjoying each others company and looking over each others projects. Excitement is in the air as the first day of Pixel This comes to a successful end.

–Pixel This Student Sarah Eddy

Images by Christina Dickson. Design by Katherine Meinicke.


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IPS has a new promo video!

Check out our latest promo video on YouTube:

Special thanks goes to Laura Clawson, who shot, directed, and produced this video.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

It was Thursday. The location was the classroom of Summit. I was walking toward the exit when I heard my name being called. I turned and saw Mandy Novotony, one of our amazing instructors, looking at me with this hopeful expression on her face. Little did I now that the next words out of her mouth would transform my evening.

“Hey Luke, would you like to write the student update for today?”

I wasn’t going to tell her no, so I said, “Sure”. To which she replied with a big smile on her face, “Great!”

“Did I just say yes?”

“Yes you did,” She said.

So from then till now I have been thinking about what to say and came up with this.


My day started at 7:30 A.M., after a roommate’s alarm clock went off; after which, we all went down to the kitchen and had a great breakfast, followed by class.

Our project for the day was to go downtown to appointed shops and put together a marketing kit for the store, which included making promotional photos and designing three 5×7-inch post cards.

I was put on a team with two fabulous photographers: Jonathan Sloat and Ivanna Robles. It was a challenge, and at times was very stressful. but it was a lot of fun and we learned a ton from the project.

To top off the update, here are some quotes and other student`s thoughts on the day.


Stephen Mally: “It feels like I have been here my whole life!”

Daniel Walsh: “Exciting!”

William Sherrer: “I wasn’t really expecting this when I got up this morning!”

Josh Kaufman: “Stressful.”

John Dalrymple: “Spiritually enlightening, photographically challenging, emotionally stirring”

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On behalf of my fellow students here at IPS for the PWP2 class, I bring to you a Wednesday update.

As we were all working on our projects before dinner, I began to wonder why on earth I volunteered to write today’s update. Miserable could well have described me. Everything seemed 100 times worse than it really was and all I could see was doom on the horizon. Studio lighting and myself were rather not seeming to get along well, and Lightroom & Photoshop seemed to be frustrated with me.

But I sit here now, where thoughts flow freely and my mind can ponder. Flipping open my little journal I am once again reminded of the beautiful promise I read this morning: “For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace…” [Isaiah 55.12a] Ah, how soon can I forget! When all was said and done I felt quite peaceful with a project well-accomplished. I’m so thankful that I and the rest of my fellow students did not give up on our projects, even when everything seemed to cave in on us. And from past experience, I know that there will be improvement when there is continued practice.

Life is very much like that. When things come into our lives that aren’t what we want or like, or are downright disappointing, we make one of two choices. We either are grateful or ungrateful. We either become better or bitter from the circumstances in our lives. It is entirely our decision and one which God does not force on us. But if you choose the former, you will be incredibly blessed. God will shine light on your path and His glory will be upon you. We are His messengers ~ are we carrying His banner worthily?

Back to today…we learned lots in Photoshop and Studio Lighting. Our brains were overworked. Reflectors and speedlights eventually became our friends, though at first they seemed a bit like enemies. We’re probably all grateful to learn some studio lighting tips and get some practice, but I rather like outdoor portraiture the best. =) I cannot wait for tomorrow, and am pretty sad there are only two more days to this class—why does the time fly by so quickly?

—Prizewinning Photography 2 Student Ruth Ann Logan


PWP2 student Josh Kaufman models rembrandt lighting. [Image by Ruth Ann Logan]


Making short lighting look fantastic. [Image by Ruth Ann Logan]

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