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Monday, June 15, 2009

Today was the first official day of PWP! How exciting to be in DC for a week! We all got to know each other and with five students in the class it was pretty easy. We also got to know our wonderful instructors, Mandy and Rowan! Sweet action (can I borrow your phrase, Mandy? :) First things first-getting to know your camera, which was probably a good thing considering the only skill I came with was the ability to turn my camera on. Rowan taught us all about the parts of our camera, then moved on to the rules. The big idea is fill the frame! It’s a must. Then we went more into the rule of thirds and composition which the wonderful Mandy taught us. We then headed to the capitol to take pictures! The first pictures I took on my dSLR. YAY!

What a great first day of PWP with many more to follow! I knew there would be many exciting adventures in DC!

—Prizewinning Photography Student Meagan Tolk

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