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Friday, January 23, 2009

God is so cool! This has been such an amazing two weeks. I have learned so much about photography in such a short time. I’ve been so touched by the people I have crossed paths with. One of the students asked me how I heard about IPS, and my reply was…”God…actually.” If my dad hadn’t missed his flight on his way to visit me and been seated next to Katie Miller, (one of the amazing instructors of IPS), I would have never known about this course. I truly believe God’s hand is guiding this course and bringing people together intentionally; to grow the passion he has placed in them, with knowledge. To encourage, inspire and bless one another—and for that to spread to others we encounter through our lens.

—PWP2 Student Sara Garcia

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today was Wednesday of week two. The day started out with learning how to use Photoshop more effectively. In the past, every time I had opened Photoshop to play around with it, I soon found myself overwhelmed with all the different things you could do. I would quickly close it, and move on with my life. Today however, as they were teaching us, I found that I actually liked using it!


In the afternoon we had the opportunity to improve on our portrait skills. Along side with practicing our broad and short lighting, we learned a new technique—Rembrandt lighting. It was amazing to me how just moving the light, can make some dramatic differences!

Today I saw how God is honored when He perfects us. We as photographers use Photoshop to perfect our images, so your eye is not focused on the imperfections of an image, but the beauty of it, and ultimately the talent of the one who took it.

God uses Photoshop in our lives to perfect us, by bringing people and situations to us, making us more “perfect” in His eye. When he is finished, He creates an amazing image of Himself, that when people look at us, they see Christ, and how awesome He is. When we are done, hopefully others will be amazed and inspired, as they see Christ shining through each photo that we take.

—PWP2 Student Faith DiPasquale

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Early Tuesday morning, while the great city of St. Petersburg was still sleeping, the IPS students gathered on the Pier for what some deemed a way too early photo shoot, catching the first glimpses of the sun as it rose over the water. After shooting the equivalent of several rolls of film, we returned to the classroom for our first taste of using Photoshop and turn them into works of art.

With our minds on overload, we gathered after lunch while Katie taught us the three foolproof poses for taking beautiful portraits and set out once again exploring for the best shoot locations to try out what we had learned.

When we were fully frozen and mostly happy with our portrait attempts, we took a break for hot chocolate and returned to the wonderful world of Photoshop. This time, the assignment came from a “client” (aka Brent) who needed ten images color corrected by the end of the evening or the deal was over…that sent us on a quick search through everything we shot last week looking for our worst pictures! The evening ended on a high note, with everyone completing the project within the allotted time limit, and a happy client. What a wonderful day!!

—PWP2 Student Laura Warren

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Monday, January 19, 2009

The city of St. Pete was so excited that we were staying for another week that they held a parade just for us! Not really, but they did celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday with a parade. We joined them and they gave us an amazing opportunity to practice photojournalism as we wove through the crowds. Later in the afternoon we learned how to use our flashes to take still life photos. First, we practiced inside using crayons and army men. Then we went outside and used coffee beans and sunglasses as our models. In the evening we went to Panera Bread and edited our photo assignments to make them look even more amazing.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the week!

—PWP2 Student Emily Cook

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Hurrah for the first PWP graduating class of 2009! It is exiting to look over the course this week and realize how far we all have come.

Today we had classes on the basics of digital imaging, the art of macro photography, and tips on printing, sharing, and storing our images. After our final exams we headed over to the beach for a sunset shoot. In between taking LOTS of pictures, we managed to build sand castles, collect shells, and even catch a few hermit crabs! The memories of this glorious evening will forever be recorded in the images each of us captured.

Learning to skillfully capture these moments and allow them to tell our stories is something this course has forever imprinted on my life. I give glory to God for using our instructors Rowan, Brent and Katie, to impart their passion for God-honoring photography to all of us. This passion has now become a part of me and I am ecstatic to see how the Lord is going to work as I use my camera to serve Him wherever he leads me.

—Prizewinning Photography Student Shanna Thompson

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