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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today was fun-filled and full of new information. We spent the first few hours learning about how Photoshop works. Takes a lot of brain power, but in the end it is beautiful!

We also went on a photo shoot. We learned to do portraits with three basic poses. I had a blast and learned a lot! It’s really cool learning how to put all the things I’ve learned together and make my photos beautiful. We did a really fun project at the end of the day—we used our portraits and the info we learned about pPhotoshop to make a really cool studio ad card. It’s so amazing what you can do with Photoshop. I’m glad that I had brilliant and experienced instructors by my side; they really help!

It was a fun day with lots of new things to learn, and I can’t wait to plunge into my next week of learning!

—PWP2 Student Kimberly Kelley

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PWP 29 Group Picture

Group Picture

Olympia, Washington

Download the full resolution group photo (~2.68 MB)

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Monday, July 28, 2008

PWP2 | Monday course update template:

Hello. My name is [first name], and I am a student at PWP2 in [course city name]. Today was our first day of class. After a good breakfast, [instructor’s name] taught on [session topic], then we practiced [verb]. Then [instructor’s name] taught on [session topic], and we did a speed shoot. We had 30 minutes to shoot, edit, and turn in one image that described the concept [concept name]. After lunch, [instructor’s name] spoke on [topic], and then we had [number] shooting assignments to fulfill, using [camera tools] and [objects]. It was a lot of fun! After the shoot, we came back to our classroom and [verb] our images, then we did review and critique. After dinner we went worked on [project name] until bedtime. It was a productive day, and I learned a lot.


[full name]


Unfortunately, IPS course updates don’t fit in templates. Neither does allowing God to impact lives, interacting with people around me, or changing the world. Some things are harder than they appear at first glance, and today definitely taught me that.

IPS’s PWP 2 teaches fundamentals in posing, lighting, editing, and workflow for both portraits and still life images. Today we discussed topics ranging from Digital Asset Management (how to organize your images and digital files) to Using and Directing Light (where you want the light to go, and how to get it to go there). And, of course, we spent plenty of time putting our new skills to practice.

But more than this, IPS PWP2 teaches students to pursue God wholeheartedly, to see people as Christ sees them, and to move beyond themselves to communicate truth with excellence. Today I learned how to see Keith, the homeless carpenter, as Christ sees him. I learned to press into the heart of God even when I felt discouraged and overwhelmed. I learned that things are not always as they appear. And God reminded me that He was faithfully triumphant yesterday, and will be just as faithful and just as victorious today and tomorrow.

And, of course, these skills need a lot of practice, as well.

—PWP2 Student Sarah Danaher

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Today was a day of real emotions. It was a day the we had finally completed the 70-hour PWP course, and yet it was a day that we had to say goodbye to friends. But in all of our hearts we knew that we would never be able to look at the world with the same eyes that we had before.

We had a crash course in photo editing by Mandy Novotny. It was totally awesome, and showed me the incredible and amazing creations that you can do with your photos, but still showed me the importance of taking the right pictures using proper placement to gain the most emotional impact, and then using the photo editing tools to just touch up and enhance the object of the photos.

This day was a day that everything really started to make a whole lot of sense. I was starting to understand the full power of my digital SLR camera, utilizing the full capacity of the Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, ISO, under- and over- exposure, and just using the camera to it maximum capacity.

What I have learned from this awesome and totally packed out week was that as “normal” human being we can enjoy the world one way, but as a photographer we see the world in a whole new way. Just yesterday while I was talking to my buddies, I saw a couple sitting on a park bench in the park beside the White House. Instead of just seeing two people sitting together, I saw depth, I saw a perfect frame with a water fountain on the right and a tree on the left. My brain was already telling me what my camera should be set at, and where I should place myself for the shot. This really showed me that the instructors of the PWP course really did there job well of not only teaching me, but helping the complex information to become ingrained in my mind.

In closing, I would like to end on two thoughts. First that I feel that if you are being called into this area of photography, come to the PWP course. And that you will never see life like you did before. You will see just a little more into what God has done in creating our incredible world. God cares about the large picture, and He also cares about the close up details.

How do you see the world that we live in?

—IPS Student Kerzdenn Kowalchuk

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emotion. Purpose. Perspective. Contrast. Color. Light. Speed. Focus. Union Station.

Challenge. Trial. Error. Frustration. Food. Friends. Being. Smiles. Communication. Laughs. Rain. Coffee. Lollipops.

These are my words of the day. Some days don’t have quite so many words, but this week has been full of really long days.

I feel like we’ve been here at least a week already, and it’s only Wednesday :)

It is really easy to get so caught up in trying to apply the massive amounts of technical instruction we have received, that I stop listening for God’s voice in the midst of this. It is easy to stop praising Him for His wondrous works in creation & redemption while I’m trying to fulfill a list of assigned shots. It is easy to look at the work of God’s hands and not see God because I’m stressing out over doing everything “right.” But that is not why I’m here. I am here to glorify and enjoy the God who created me. I am here to know Him in this box called a camera that mimics the incredible eye He created. I am here to learn how to use new tools to communicate timeless truth to a lost world. I am here to gain new perspective, to be inspired and challenged to communicate more clearly the stories God walks me through on my journey of life. And I am tempted to be discouraged, to feel failure and disappointment when I don’t get a shot I want. I am tempted to lean on my own understanding, instead of trusting Jesus for grace and creativity and looking for wisdom and counsel in the amazing instructors that He has brought into my life this week. I am tempted to stay in my own little comfort space, instead of reaching out in love and exploring the lives of the 31 beautiful people God has put me here with this week.

I know I wasn’t the only person frustrated today. I know I wasn’t the only person struggling to apply the things we learned. But my prayer tonight is that none of us would walk through another day feeling like the frustrations are a waste. God has brought us here, and He is with us even in our struggle to learn when to set the shutter speed fast and when to use a really low aperture. May we find ourselves so satisfied in Jesus that we start to see more like He sees, and as we spend time with Him, and become more like Him, may our pictures reflect the light of God’s love to a dark world.

“Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.” (Hebrews 13:20-21)

—IPS Student Lindsey Quann

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